Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Happy Hens and dogs who don't eat them.

In Vanuatu Chickens roam free, freedom range over the village. They cross roads and wander through gardens or on the side of the road, spending the day foraging.

Our driver told us - as a chicken ran across the road - if you kill one you pay your neighbour for it.
It's an honesty system.

At night the chickens are trained to return home to sleep.

Pet pigs roam free too and dogs who don't seem to eat the chickens - that's another story.

Today the postie delivered ‪'Happy hens'‬ - it features the best of ABC ‪Organic Gardener‬ magazine . I am so eggcited.

Whatever size your backyard, you can keep hens and collect fresh eggs every day!
Featuring the best of ABC Organic Gardener magazine’s expert advice, Happy Hens is packed with everything you need to know about caring for your chooks, whether you are just starting out or already have a flock. You will discover:
  • What to look for when buying chickens so you start with healthy, happy layers.
  • A handy guide to the best backyard breeds available in Australia.
  • How to choose the right bird for your needs – whether you want top egg producers, live in a hot climate, or need to find the perfect chooks for a tiny plot.
  • Great tips on housing and caring for your hens, what to feed them and how to keep them safe from predators and pests. There are even instructions for a DIY henhouse.
  • Troubleshooting tips to solve the most common chook problems.If you’re feeling clucky, learn how to incubate and raise chicks.

I'm feeling clucky already . Given I should learn everything I need to know before we buy and set ‪up our own chook pen for free range eggs‬ - it's not happening till after the holidays for us. 
 With Happy Hens, it will also be easy to keep my backyard flock happy, healthy – and productive. 

This Christmas I decided we will be giving Christmas Smiles mostly from World Vision  ~ I think chickens and eggs would be perfect and some school supplies, seeds etc ...$5 - $10 gifts of love.


ABCbooks‬ ‪and Harper Collins Australia‬ send me the book and I will keep you informed as our "Girls' eggplant" is constructed.

This is my dream Egg Plant - I am only limited by my imagination and the Toolman !! Plus we have to keep the dogs out - they are not having Chicken tonight.

sorry I don't know the original owner.