Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Taking Stock - October

Hello, are things good with you ?

Things are okay with me though it’s been a bit of a rough eight weeks, hopefully that is all going to turn around.

I had my sutures out and the scar is healing well. There is no pathology results as yet and no dreadful phone calls.

It is six weeks since my hysterectomy and since I've also heard nothing from this Surgeon (and of course peeked in the notes while waiting for day surgery the clear margins on the melanoma removal site - no malignancy) I think I can breathe easier.

Tense times, when three times previously I've been given shattering news. Cancer.Cancer.Melanoma (albeit in situ)

Every so often I pause and take stock.

Took this pic on our wedding anniversary a few years ago.

Making : Beds for our next visitors expected tomorrow.
Cooking : Good question - what's for dinner ?
Drinking : Water and water Kefir ... and Midori Snowcones.
Reading: Breakfast, School run,Chemo and just started Jillaroo
Wanting: My new bed quilt - today !
Looking: Endlessly through Netflix menu
Playing: UNO - with the minions.
Deciding: What to pack for the cruise
Wishing:For calm seas
Enjoying:A lovely weekend with our 7 visitors.
Waiting: For Friday - the epic 25th wedding anniversary Cruise departs
Liking: Daylight Savings is coming this Sunday.
Wondering: How i will go with a digital detox on the Cruise.
Loving: my Dyson Vacuum cleaner - as much as the kids.
Pondering: If I can still go Dragon boat paddling with friends here on Sunday
Considering: Something different for my hair.
Buying:New face washers !
Watching: what I eat cleanly this week because I'm go for broke on the cruise.
Hoping: Our former Sydney house is SOLD - cooling off is over so technically SOLD
Marvelling: My mother is just the best in the world - coming to mind my boys while we cruise
Cringing: At the scales
Needing: An Energy boost
Questioning: Why bad things happen to Good people
Smelling: Hay
Wearing: Hats - being sun smart everyday now.
Following: No-one, I march to the beat of my own drum
Noticing: My nuts are almost gone.
Knowing: Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.
Thinking: That Purple is an awesome colour
Admiring: The resilience of friends going through terrible times
Sorting: The kids bedroom clean up is complete - Hallelulah
Bookmarking: Recipes - I will never make
Coveting: A new rose garden
Getting: Ready for a busy month ahead.
Disliking: Pain in my knees
Opening: The results of my MRI as soon as I can my hands on them
Giggling: OddBall the movie was hilarious
Feeling: Tired , didn't get much restful sleepover the weekend
Snacking: Vanilla Maple Pecans
Helping: Spread awareness about Breast Cancer - Be Breast Aware and feel your boobs right now...unless you are on the train or bus or shopping :)
Hearing:Country music CMC is Hubby's favourite and next week it's all about the music.