Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I've been having a hiatus from blogging - the busyness of a cruising holiday with no wifi, Dr's appointments and an injured arthritic knee that is giving me grief.

Otherwise, all is well and good with my soul.

I had my Oncology follow-up appointment today and the DR was happy with things. I expected no less.

Once a year ,  my local community and other communities across Australia come together to walk (run and wheel) alongside carers, survivors and supporters - fun and friendship ensues.While there is a truly sad side , it also is a time of celebration.

I joined our local committee and it's been enlightening how much effort and hard work goes into Relay. I'm really looking forward to it. Visiting the oncology unit today reminded me why I relay.

I'm having an arthroscopic surgery in a few weeks because of the torn meniscus in my knee, that keeps locking up and catching causing momentary excruciating pain and a little lingering discomfort. 

After more than 6 wks off exercising and absence from the gym I am at my heaviest weight ever. Of course over eating on the cruise has nothing more to do with it.

Running ...it's not happening.

Swimming ... I've got a plan to get my 'freestyle' stroke correction and breathing sorted out. A lovely friend has offered. I just have to keep my ears absolutely dry.

How has life been treating you lately ?