Saturday, 29 August 2015

Taking Stock - August

better late than never !

Making: No sense ... why Hubby bought the minions new loom bands !!!

Cooking: Steak for dinner tonight  (Hubby will man the BBQ and I give orders)

Drinking: Hot tea , something I missed in hospital last week.

Reading: 'Saving Grace' - I just finished the Notebook (quite a contast in the loving between man and wife)

Wanting: To get back to exercising already (mandatory 3-4 break due to hysterectomy recovery)

Looking: Outside, wondering where the new (nine) calves are ?

Playing: Boys last game of soccer today

Sewing: Who me ?  Admiring my surgeon's amazing sewing skills.

Wishing: For a break on the medical rollercoaster

Hot tea (wine and cider tasted awful last night and I'm hoping it doesn't last)

Further surgery to get better margins where the melanoma insitu [on my face] was removed. Surgeon #2 couldn't squeeze it in last Monday while I was already under for Hysterectomy.

Liking: Sweet Potato Fries - is there anything tastier ?
Deciding: what invitation design I will use for our Dragon Boat Team's 10th Anniversary.

Considering: New roses for my garden - since we are selling our Sydney home and I'll have to say farewell to Charlotte's garden

Sorting: the clean washing, to be folded by me (least I can do) and put away by hubby.

Wondering: if the sun is going to come out today - a gentle walk is on my list to see the new calves.
Loving: My husband - who goes above and beyond for me (makes an especially fine cup of tea)

Hoping: Our Sydney house sells quickly.

Needing: To de-clutter and let it go on a major scale. I'll have time up my sleeve now.

Smelling: The anticipation of new fragrant roses

Wearing: Tracksuit pants - my belly looks like I'm 6 months pregnant

Noticing: I forget less things - using my new app

That I have a lot to do in the next few weeks !

Thinking: Our Crusing holiday can't come quickly enough  [Oct].

Feeling: Anxious and nervous about more surgery - especially on my face.

Bookmarking: Recipes to Pinterest that I probably won't make

Opening: A lovely card from a friend

Giggling: Hardly - It hurts to laugh , cough or anything right now but I've had a few quiet chuckles browsing facebook. 

Grateful: for the wonderful family holiday we had in Cairns and winning Gold & Silver medals in Dragon Boating 13km marathon [Masters Games]

Pondering : It's been 11yrs on Tuesday since Charlotte was born still , 10yrs this week since we said goodbye to my Dad . Time flies and memories remain bittersweet.

What's happening in your world ?...take stock. Choose four words and share below