Friday, 14 August 2015

Awakening The Dragon

The race began with an 8am daunting start , after the ceremonial awakening of the dragons at Great Barrier Reef Masters Games.

Promising us they hadn't seen any crocs for many a moon , our 20 brave paddlers , a sweep and a drummer , set paddling around Admiralty Island.

Nay a 13km journey - bracing our core through smooth waters, then currents and a wave or three.

We crossed the line first . Gold bling for the dragons from the outback where red dirt reigns.
Saturday morning we do it all again.

I'm paddling for our competition tomorrow as they are down a few members .

I was supposed to be the drummer for our team. Now the drummers are taking up paddles instead of the drumstick .

One of our competitors left the venue in ambulance (dodgy ticker I think) . I hope he is alright .

Now this dragon is spent and curled up watching the clouds go by as palm fronds sway gently in the breeze, birds twitter and dragon spawn battle it out on the iPad while singing "Let it Go" !

It's been a hectic , fun filled week and our adventure continues in Tropical North Queensland .

After competing tomorrow a group of us are planning to go White water rafting !!

What are doing this weekend ?

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