Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Last week , I started using a nifty little app that has turned my life around.
This app has reduced the element of surprise in my day and shock of forgetting appointments.

New habits are one of the hardest things to adopt, and to change behaviour.

Seriously, I missed a few for my Port Flush , A personal training session and even Onoclogy review. Some were actually in my phone calendar.

I struggle with remembering mundane things thnaks to chemo that saved my life , my short memory is shocking ; my long-term memory isn't as affected. Surprisingly, I can remember children's names from grainy black and white , primary school photos (online).

Any.DO (for iPhone) 

To get started you set the app with a time to review your day,  one by one , then it shows you all the tasks scheduled for that day.
I have / had 10 things on Tuesday ...

At anytime you have an opportunity if necessary to change, add more to dos, or leave it as is.Sweep right and it fades, crosses out and drops down. So you can see you have completed the task and delete if you chose too -sweep left. It takes seconds.

The trick is to make a habit of reviewing my daily to-do list, and this app actually manages to get it done. I've set alarms as well and if I pick up my phone - other to-dos pop up on screen to prompt me.

It has TODAY, TOMORROW , UPCOMING to-dos as well as SOMEDAY.

Tasks can be repeated without having to add them repeatly. In the free app , limited to daily. weekly, monthly , yearly.

Shopping lists can be added too...not forgotten on the fridge or left in the car,

Forget to-do something today ~ it stays on your list , as it drops to tomorrow. It can sync with computer and other devices too,

I'd like it to be like Siri and call me by name but it's still encouraging as it prompts you.

After, a week it's fast becoming a new habit, first thing in the morning and before bed - I review my lists. A few minutes is all it takes me to cultivate organisation or to fake it till I make it.

It still won't help me arrive on time .

What supports your memory ?
Are you a master of the to-do list ?