Monday, 1 June 2015

Thirteen Things I won't ever say

1.    A Hot stone massage ? no thanks*
2.    Make it a Brazilian today, my underarms are good.
4.    I am cancelling my internet subscription.
5.    Where's my g string bikini ?
6.    I am giving up chocolate.
7.    Darling, let's go ski-diving.
8.    No Wine for me.
9.    I really enjoyed that Alpaca pie
10.   Here boys - this is my iThingy password
11.   Wash my mouth out with soap please (the swear jar is full)
12.   Sell my car, I'll take the school bus or run.
13.   I love colour sorting Lego as much as I love stepping on it#

*my stone massage is booked at TAFE tomorrow a month late - with trainee student.
 #We are on a mission to build Lego City