Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Season of Salt and Honey

How very appropriate when I am living on $2 a day that I finally get around to this delightful book review.

Hannah Tunnicliffe brings us a heart-warming novel of love, grief and antipasto.
Yes please !

I adored reading Season of Salt & Honey. I've savoured it, drooled over it and I could read it again and again.

I see nuts ...oh my giddy gums.
Season of Salt and Honey takes us on an inspirational, mouthwatering journey of the senses, set in the idyllic Washington forest and accompanied with gorgeous Sicilian-American recipes.
Yes, food features promimently and I am going to try the recipes ...spring rissotto and the banana bread. OH I AM so Hungry for both right now!!
This is one of those rare books that warms you from the inside out (like a warm bowl of porridge or apple crumble) , a delightful read that will inspire all foodies

...or those who like to eat it.
Francesca 'Frankie' Caputo had it all figured out , but a tragic, freak accident cuts her fiancĂ© Alex's life short  . Frankie's future plans disintegrate and her world is shattered. Drowning in grief, Frankie flees to an abandoned cabin in a remote part of Washington forest.

Seeking comfort in solitude, Frankie is hesitant as she connects with her forest neighbours - the effervescent, flame-haired Merriem, quiet , tenacious Jack and his highly spirited and sprite-like daughter, Huia.
Frankie discovers freedom and finds hope , both exhilarating and unsettling as her heart slowly begins to heal ;  broken relationships are mended. Then Alex's secret haunts her, Frankie realises her once perfect life was a lie, life crashes around her. Oceans of grief threaten to take Frankie down until

...now you'll have to go buy the book.

"A beautiful exploration of love and loss, and the ways in which unexpected family, new and old friends, and even a spring risotto and warm banana bread can bring comfort, change, and hope." --Mia March, author of The Meryl Streep Movie Club

I am going to track down The Colour of Tea - Hannah's first novel.

So my live below the line on $2  a day -34 /120 hours down.

 I realise a lot of time I just think I am hungry - although now I am hungrier thinking about all the recipes and things I love to eat.

It's both unsettling and unsurprisingly an experience I couldn't imagine living every day . Food or eating is life altering - our lives revolve around it -not just depend on it. Choices and abundance, I am blessed with a full plate (except this week)

Obesity is preventable and I do acknowledge that choosing healthy food is a privilege of those who are cashed up. So is affording chocolate , fine wine, cheese , fruit and vegetables. Those who live below the line might not always be hungry but their choices are limited.

Many of the $10 diets posted in the Live below the line group are full of white carbs - pasta, white rice and white bread. It is all we afford. Do you buy one red apple or a packet of pasta to feed five people ???

Salt , sugar and even honey is a luxury too - it must be calculated in the $2 equation ...I allow for 2g brown sugar on my morning porridge / 30g rolled oats.

My own waistline has expanded somewhat over the last few months and my winter clothes are uncomfortably snug. Reluctant to  waist  waste money on new clothes when my others are still in good condition , I'm going to re-think how full my plate is and reduce my portions. I'm already quite active.

So today's menu
Breakfast -as above.
SNACK - 1 zucchini and carrot slice/muffin (I made 6 from 2 eggs, carrot, zucchini and 1/2 onion)
LUNCH - pre-made pumpkin soup (I slow roasted pumpkin for flavour) - 1 slice wholemeal bread.
DINNER  -brown rice and vegies for dinner.

I'm re-using my tea bags (4 is my daily allowance)  and drinking black tea every 2nd cup (the re-used bags). Lots of water .

What would you choose an apple or pasta for 5 meals ?

If you would like to donate - even $5 counts ...


*Released 1st April by Pan Macmillan.