Monday, 4 May 2015

Live below the line

I must confess , though this is the 5th year of the Live below the Line - an anti poverty initiative - it's the first year I've heard about it, let alone contemplated what it means to live on $2 day food.

So I'm challenging myself to eat on $2 a day for five days; raise funds and help end extreme poverty.

Live Below the Line is the annual fundraising campaign for Oaktree, one of Australia’s largest youth-run organisations. It is a tough but meaningful challenge.

As well as gaining a unique insight into some of the challenges faced by those living in extreme poverty - it might help me reduce my waistline.

Strictly planned meals, a few hunger pains and the odd whine because a $2.49 Aldi vino couldn't be squeezed in. Though I went over a year without wine or any alcohol after chemo, I confess that I will miss it this week.

It will be tough, there is no denying I will feel deprived and h'angry.
The decisions about what to include in my $10 has felt overwhelming.
Yes, I exaggerate.

My cup of tea was not negotiable - I budgeted for 25 cups of tea @ 3.5c per bag.
Milk each drop must be counted too.

I got out my scales and calculated 2g (per day) of brown sugar would suffice on my warm 'creamy' porridge -using 30g rolled oats with 20mls of milk.

Free range eggs x 5 , it is my choice not to go against my principles and use cage eggs - though I'd get more for my money. I realise others don't have this choice.

Wholemeal bread too - though my 10 slice allowance will equal the cost of 85c white trash bread.

Brown rice @ 14c per 100g - easy.
Carrots x 6 - under 50c !
Zucchini x 3  = 97 c

I will make my own tortillas and maybe pancakes using flour. The challenge itself it to make people, as privileged as we are, more understanding of the challenges people who earn very little face when it comes to feeding themselves

The rest of my plan is still under construction depending on what bargains I find shopping today. I do need to add fruit. 

Oaktree works in partnership with local organisations in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea. Oaktree’s overseas partners train teachers, fund scholarships, renovate schools and provide educational resources for thousands of young people.

Credit - Live below the line.

The spirit of the campaign is to raise money and awareness. My husband was not a willing participant and sons are not participating with me. I decided to just calculate what I'll use from my pantry. So 10g of brown sugar is in and so are my 25 teabags.

Stay tuned for updates.

Credit - Live below the line.

My fundraising link is at the bottom if you would like to donate the cost of one of your favourite meals or even a cup of coffee.

Credit - Live below the line.

What luxury food would you miss the most ?