Thursday, 9 April 2015

Taking Stock - April

Making : A Mess when I bake or cook.
Cooking : Waffles in my new waffle machine - just DIVINE .
Drinking : Copious cups of tea to stay warm lately ...waiting for wine o clock.
Reading: "Embrace" ( just finished The Husband's Secret - a page turner)
Wanting: Rissotto for dinner - not happening :(
Looking: More curvy than I want to be
Playing: UNO with the lads
Wasting: Celery - I bought for juicing and kept putting it off.
Sewing: ? Not happening -repairs are in the basket or shoved somewhere till I set up my machine.
Wishing: Someone would come and do my sewing
Enjoying: Shopping for clothes with my bargain hunting boys
Waiting: For 5 o clock !
Liking: Sleeping in during school holidays
Why bad things happen - devoid of reasoning.
Loving: The first fire of the season.
Hoping: I get my replacement part for my soup maker, soon.

Marvelling: at special effects in "Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb"
Needing: A holiday a Cruise.
Smelling: Seriously -you don't want to know it's down below.
Wearing: gym gear because it's too much effort to change and too early - because we're going out for dinner.
Following: My kids around picking up lolly and chocolate wrappers (oh and before that their Easter eggs)
Noticing: Friends going through a very difficult time and deciding to help
That it was the right thing to do.
Thinking: Why I bother waiting till 5pm - since no-one is watching !
Bookmarking: How to make a Cat tent from a t-shirt.
Opening: Packages - I got two surprise packages (with chocolate and toothpaste) from Colgate and Oral B on the same day LOL.
Giggling: The tooth pinata was a riot.

Feeling: Grateful for rain over Easter , Sunshine today and new adventures in the wings.

Taking Stock is Thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes.