Friday, 20 February 2015

Taking Stock: February

Making : Plans for a Cruise later this year
Cooking : Lime soda Scones
Drinking :Copious amounts of tea – wish it was wine.
Reading: "Bittersweet" by Colleen McCullough
Wanting: my new Cochlear BAHA - to hurry up and be approved
Looking: for my Garmin Foot Pod – that went missing while I was in Sydney doing Cupid’s Undie run.
Playing: 2048 6 x 6
Deciding: To stay away from Facebook more ...maybe tomorrow
Enjoying: Kayaking on the river
Waiting: on my new Cochlear BAHA – with wireless Bluetooth I think
Liking: too much junk on Facebook. Distractions I should avoid
Wondering: how I ever survived without the Internet
Loving: card my husband gave me for 25th Wedding anniversary
Pondering: what makes a marriage last
Considering: buying a mountain bike
Buying: see considering
Watching: the concreters get the garage slab form work ready
Hoping: the new garage is finished soon
Marvelling: Our team Raising $3600 In Cupid’s Undie Run
Cringing: at photos of me in my undies on Facebook
Needing: to lose weight my skinny jeans are too tight
Questioning: why I’m not losing weight since I exercise a damn lot
Smelling: not my roses – because the bloomin’ cows chomped them down almost to stalks
Wearing: exercise gear
Following: The rear end in front of me at Cupid’s undie Run
Noticing: exercise gear makes thighs appear slimmer
Knowing: that the truth is my thighs are more jiggly than last year
Thinking: I should get my ass into ‘exercise’ gear
Admiring: how hard my hubby works
Sorting: through 25yrs of clutter and hoarding
Getting: no-where fast
Bookmarking: actually pinning lots of wicked recipes I may never make
Coveting: other people’s cooking skills
Disliking: the dirty floors
Opening: Bills, bills and more junk mail.
Giggling: at Katering on youtube channel
Feeling: Overwhelmed
Snacking: Sweet little tarts filled with choc or caramel from Aldis
Comforting: Friends going through tough times.
Wishing: That I could be in two places at once next week.
Helping: Meals on Wheels and school canteen
Hearing: Bugger all because my 5yr old BAHA is stuffed.

Thanks Pip, that was fun.