Thursday, 12 February 2015


When I look in the mirror I sometimes don't recognise the face staring back at me .
Even less so when my clothes are removed.

Esperance WA - 'Lucky Bay'

It has been 12 months.

Standing with my battle scars from all the storms , we've weathered, together my body and I ; I reflect.

Sad ?
No , I am not - it reminds me, not of what I lost, but what I survived.

I've changed so much over the last two and half years .

Knowing from the start that reconstruction was not for me , ever. I couldn't bear the thought of surgery again.

Then I had to go down that Cancer is a bitch road again.

Same surgeon, same hospital - different surgery for a tumour in my thigh that was apparently benign - 12 months ago today. It was related to the genetic condition I have Neurofibromatosis.

I had no way of knowing when we started the journey back there to Sydney , how the road would twist and turn and bend ...again.

Life changing . The tumour in my leg was malignant , a nasty complication.

It wasn't all they found when I had chest xray , nodules were seen on my lungs and another neurofibroma in my neck . It is in a tricky location.

I faced the real possibly of an uncertain future.
So far they remain unchanged
 Radiation on my thigh was advised and completed without too much fuss. Much easier to tolerate than the grueling chemotherapy regime for breast cancer. Though the daily grind of traveling and being away from my family was tough.

Looking my life with my eyes wide open and see how incredibly wonderful it is.I have very high anxiety but I manage.

Yes , I get very scared at times but I have learned how to worry less. I pray, I love, I laugh and when the scary creeps in ...

Breathe by breathe, day at a time.

The past year I've achieved so much - a Gold medal at Masters Games (Dragon boating team sport) , silver medals and  made many new friends. I am constantly humbled by their own cancer journey and life stories.

I am not alone in my struggles , highs and lows are part of the everyday for so many people.
Being supported makes a difference.

Feeling extremely humbled by the the generosity of not only my family, friends and blogging colleagues but complete strangers who are so willing to give in my name for the research into NF.(i nicked this off my sister)

Life will never be the same again...especially in 2 days time when I drop my pants and run through Sydney in my undies.

It's for the very genetic condition I suffer.

If you like to sponsor me - I'd be most grateful. Born with Neurofibromatosis  , I was not diagnosed until 22yrs old.

My son , Sam (8) and other extended family members have NF too. NF causes mostly benign tumours to grow on nerves. NF is a lifelong medical condition and can affect many organs in the body, including the skin, eyes, bones, and nervous system.

I hope to make a difference to #endNF by raising awareness of Children's Tumour Foundation - who provide care and support to those affected.