Monday, 20 October 2014

Then she ripped my eyebrows off...why I'm not a beauty blogger.

Last week I thought it was time to commence the summer beautification of my body. Any improvement was bound to be a gain.

I loved being hairless during chemo ; the silver lining of the poison that ripped through my veins.

I booked in with a beauty school dropout student 'beautician' . She completed my slightly hairy arm pits with no dramas.

We chit-chatted and I admired her dandelion tattoo . I had just the previous day been envying them on Google images while searching for a post title or quote for my Wordless Wednesday dandelion photos.

I confess my secret desire for a real tattoo but I am too chicken to ink. I have six tiny dots , 2 on my left thigh, my right and left hip and 2 about my pubic bone that were radiation markers.

Then she called her tutor over to ask about my brows.

Oh oh o...kay.

The tutor explained and started the process of waxing my eyebrows. Then she left the BSD to complete the mammoth (pun intended) task.

The waxing itself wasn't painful but then I felt immense stinging and thought , that doesn't feel right. OUCHY.

I came home and they were still burning , red and puffy.

The next morning I had scabby side brows - I'd been eyebrow scalped , skinned alive. It's taken 5 days for the scabs to fall off. To think I paid $7 for this treatment ! I didn't see it coming and never had it happen before.

Was it worth it - no way ! I'm not doing that again, or there. I think I'll try threading.

Lesson #2 - I open my emails this morning - the offer for a free manicure and pedi was too good to be true because I suck at applying nail polish. What could go wrong ?

I was dressed and out the door in 5mins. Same venue different Beauty school student.

The mani was relaxing, I almost feel asleep during the filing , buffing and slight shaping.Then she applied hot pink nail varnish - only not all the way to nail base edge only up to the crescent 'moon' shape and not evenly. I asked why ? and she said they weren't allowed to cover it.

I think my eight yr olds could do better ... I excel at exaggeration !

Well, I loved the neon pink colour and I thought briefly about coming home to fill the ugly gap ...but seriously my nail-polish-applying abilities would be tested. I scrubbed it all off instead with nail polish remover.

This is the look I wanted (after the ugliness of unpainted half moon) - a half moon mani as seen on celebrities and catwalks

The pedicure was reasonable - my ugly runner's toe nails look marginally better in black polish - it covers my hideous bruised black nails from the half marathon. Not many people will see them because I live in my Asics runners due to ongoing Plantar fasciitis in my right foot.

I guess it isn't everyone's desire to handle smelly feet (I wiped mine with baby wipes prior to leaving the car haha) - kudos to her. She did soak them , the water wasn't warm enough for me and the foot spa didn't do anything.

I'm jealous the other ladies got a longer foot massage. I also missed out booking a hot stone massage - hopefully someone else cancels.

Undecided about risking any other treatments - though my friend assured me she has the works 'burger' there ...

Have you had beauty treatment disasters ?
Do you trust students to save a buck ?
On a scale of 1-10 what is your score for nail-polish-applying abilities ?
Got any tips for me ?