Friday, 19 September 2014

Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 review

I've been participating in a 4 week healthy menu plan thanks to ActiFry 2 in1 by Tefal , created by Nutrition Australia. I'm just over half way through Spring cleaning my diet with the 28 day challenge .

It wasn't a weight loss diet because health is more than just a number on a scale. I've followed it as best I could with two trips to Sydney for medical appointments and other activities in the last 2 weeks. Just saying , nothing beats my Mum's cooking and sharing a Lindt dessert plate with a friend!

While this is a sponsored post and I was provided a Tefal ActiFry 2 in 1 to review, {and I have two ActiFry 2in 1 to giveaway}. I like to keep it real, so all opinions expressed are my own.

ActiFry is not a deep fryer - it's a healthy fryer. It's been many years since we owned a deep fryer (the kind you leave the oil in all the time) because of how tempting unhealthy they were and the waste of oil.

Often , I crave fried food (mostly hot chips or roasted potato) ; my downfall (right  to my bottom) . I rarely cook fried food because of the splattering mess it makes of my cook top and floor.

Since my parents' kitchen was set on fire by oil that combusted after chip frying - I would never use a pot of hot oil on the cook-top. It was a serious fire with fire brigade /truck attending - the station was1km away or it may have been worse (No-one was injured) . They had to move out of home for 6wks while the damage was repaired (drastic way to remodel the kitchen, Mum) and the rest of the house smoke and water damaged. Even the computers down the hall in a back bedroom had to be taken away for cleaning.

Oven fries are better for you than deep fried but it takes so long to heat the oven and then the whole house warms up.

First my husband was all - "What another gadget ...we don't need another gadget ! "

He was right , yet singing a different tune now. While I was in Sydney he re-arranged the bench so the ActiFry has it's own special spot and I use it most days.

The ActiFry can stir-fry, slow cook, grill (meat or vegies) , bake, reheat food (pizza , rice, pasta) and make your skinny jeans fit.

All the above is true. Except for the skinny jeans - that is up to you.

Seriously , I try to be a positive healthy role model to my boys and lead by example. I am very aware mothers of girls (especially) have a lot to worry about in this world where being skinny is ' uber ', eating disorders run rampant and fad diets change by the day.

Tefal's unique 2 in 1 cooker needs only one tablespoonful of oil to make enough tasty, homemade chip (or fries) using a continual motion stirring paddle for the whole family (4) One kid was not as impressed with the chips, there is no compromise for him. Eat it or starve I gave him extra baby spinach leaves and raw carrots.Win - win.

ActiFry reduces the amount of oil or fat you use ; while I decide the menu for my family - I know they love to eat healthy 'fried' food with flavour and it keeps everyone (well 3 of 4 isn't bad) happy without the unhealthy-ness of it.

When cooking a serving of fish and chips with Tefal ActiFry, not only can you save 80% of the fat content but the meal also contains 77% less saturated fat and 40% less calories. It really is the ultimate health cooker.

Would I be sacrificing my skinny jeans - no way. Though my skinny jeans were very snug last time I tried to squeeze them on. My excuse was having the radiation and surgery to my leg. 

ActiFry 2in1  can easily cook 2  dishes at once ! I love the smart digital timer, so the entire meal is complete at the same time and it won't burn to a crisp overcook if I get distracted.

I know the smoke alarm in my kitchen works - even when 3 adults (including myself) were sitting 3m away - burning banana bread went undetected. (It was warming in a different appliance)

ActiFry is not just for frying it can also be used to cook a wide range of other recipes: with dozens of time saving choices a bonus recipe book is included. More recipes available online too. I can create healthier versions of our favorite fried or grilled foods (I can't wait to try Chicken Schnitzel )

Endless possibilities at my finger lickin' tips ! There is an app for that too (iPhones and Android)

Plus you can spend hours entertaining your taste buds on you tube (just skip the ones where they peel the potatoes while you wait) getting some great tips and recipe ideas. I easily spent 1 hr today watching ActiFry cooking demos. Some T-fal Youtubers are hilariously funny.

My favourite is simple healthy grilled tomatoes in less than 5mins , frozen hash browns 10 mins and ActiFry roasted vegie medley like sweet potato, mushrooms, cauliflower, carrot and zucchini ~ so morish. No oil is needed for frozen food.

The risotto was fabulous even if I discovered while cleaning up I'd used Sushi rice. Chicken legs or wings mess , no fuss - no splattered oven to clean.

It grilled thick Angus Beef burger patties perfectly in the top section. As my husband thinks it's more important to eat than instagram food I have few photos.

My little video star wanted his dinner pictured -ActiFry Wedges , BBQ Steak and vegies steamed.
Other features
  • Removable non stick bowl and tray
  • Hands free cooking
  • 2 in 1 spoon for oil & salt measurement
  • Automatic stop
  • Large 2kg capacity – 1.5kg bowl, 0.5kg tray
  • Dishwasher safe

My only real issue is that the stirring paddle in the bottom bowl sometimes breaks up the food - like chips (and sweet potato) though it doesn't affect the taste , it looks rustic. They were delicious. It is a healthy swap and the real deal can still be an occasional treat when out for dinner.

Also, 'Browning' results do vary from real deep fried food , it's a healthier compromise for my family. There is still plenty of crisp and ActiFry preserves the nutritional quality throughout the cooking process.

I also used it very successfully for reheating leftovers because I will not use a microwave oven anymore (yes I'm weird but I've had enough radiation already with 7 wks to my leg , dozens of xrays , scans & injected radiative junk).

I mentioned dishwasher safe ?

Easy as 1-2-3 - the clear lid un-clips* , then you place it with the bowls in the dishwasher (or seriously I wash it all up in a few minutes - it wipes clean almost after a brief soak).

*It took me  a few days to figure that out !!! It took my 8yr just over a minute to pack it in the dishwasher.

Disclosure: While this is a sponsored post and I was provided an ActiFry to review, and have two to giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own. After 2-3wks it's my 2nd favourite appliance after my juicer.

Disclaimer : The ActiFry was cold and just because my eight year id it - doesn't mean all 8yrs can or want to do it - use your own judgement before letting them.

RRP: $449 ActiFry 2 in 1