Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cupcake lady runs and a good news update !

eat chocolate ...drink wine ... truth !
I finished my second - half marathon on Sunday ; Dubbo Stampede . The Zebra Zoom started inside the Taronga Western Plains Zoo before we exited the zoo main gates into 'the wild'.

We ran along Obley Road , then ran a complete loop of the picturesque Macquarie river circuit before re-entering the zoo. Then it got 'hard' and was warming up, as we had to run a complete loop of the zoo, past all the animals to finish at our starting point.
After an easy Father's day lunch with my boys at the Zoo cafe I went home to hit the wall.

Rather the bed , since the hammock though inviting - outside , was too breezy . So I slipped under the covers for a Sudoku . Then slept or rested for the next 2-3hrs.

Exhausted and happy because I’d had my doubts I would even make the start. The plantar fasciitis in my right foot was bothersome and so was a niggly and painful right hip. Consequently, I didn’t run much in the preceding 10 days leading up to the marathon.

I rode the stationary bike and used the rowing machine to stay fit. Sunday morning as I laced up, I dosed up on pain killers.

Fortunately, barely a km out from the start I fell into pace with a lady sporting a Running Mums Australia shirt. We said "Hi" and then she mentioned she was running with an injury too - shin splints.

So it was ; we ran the whole way together and high fived as we crossed the finish line simultaneously.

It wasn’t as fast as I would have liked or a PB , being the best wasn’t what it was about – rather doing my best. It was another milestone after my surgery and radiation (which finished barely 3 months ago) .

I knew that if I’d done all I could, prepared well, trained well and fought well – the result didn’t matter – it was 2:30:19 (19 pesky seconds) officially though my Garmin has me under 2:29 because I paused it at a few drink stations...especially the one my hub and 2 sons were manning, as I gobbled a few chocolate jelly beans down and took a breathe to say Hello for 30secs.

 My new running buddy and I appreciated the company as we ran, we were almost the same age. We kept each other going.

The best thing about running in a local ½ marathon was I had a fan club all the way along the 21.1km :  a parent of my son’s friend and with trumpet fan fare, lady from P & C singing my name across the street, two Dragon boat paddlers walking  the river, people from Church (on the race committee) , other half runners from Women’s running group, a teacher from school and a lady I met duration Radiation.

Monday I could barely walk and I hobbled everywhere. The railway station stairs were a killer – worst going down.

Today , I was a feeling a bit better. I know I can't complain it's self inflicted torture wounds , all for the love of wine, chocolate and cupcakes.

The best part of today was meeting up with my brave, inspiring friend Stephanie for coffee and a chat.

Then I had my follow up appointment with my oncology surgeon (Breast and Sarcoma) in Sydney. My Oncology surgeon , Assoc. Prof was quite impressed I’d run a ½ marathon on Sunday, he even wrote in his/my notes.

I still have some sensory nerve deficits down my lower left leg /knee and my left foot sometimes catches (makes me trip over air). He was pleased that nerves to muscles were all intact and my femoral artery was not affected by radiation. Everything is stable and other then my anti- hormone medication , I don't require any other treatment at the moment. Breast (less) wise - all is good too.

I’m staying on Tamoxifen (one type of anti- Oestrogen medication) till next March at least [The total Anti -hormone Course is 10yrs] and review a change then. Each medication has different side effects and since my body is tolerating Tamoxifen well – there is no reason to change and throw a spanner in (like increased joint pain, other mood and sh*ttier side effects)

In the worst of Sydney traffic, I managed to navigate back to Mum's - in the oven was her famous baked dinner. My brother complained Mum rarely cooks like that for them. My Mum is so awesome.
I walked 3.5km with my brother , his family, and their dog C Bear - walking is fine just moving after sitting, transitioning from sit to stand and stairs give me grief.  I also rolled my ankle tripping on the uneven road verge in the dark  ...now add sore ankle to my list of woe. I'll live.

Now, pass me a cupcake or two. Tomorrow , I'm back on my healthy eating plan.


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