Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tracks ~ On the other hand, why not? { giveaway }

Sunday, I watched an amazing movie that I'd been sent to review - Tracks.

Based on a true story ; writer Robyn Davidson's epic 2700km (1700 miles) tracks from Alice Springs to the Coast on the Indian Ocean with 4 camels and her dog, Diggity.

Mia in Tracks (also of Alice in Wonderland fame)
One hundred and ninety five days,  journey of self discovery beginning in April 1977, at the age of 27 (Pre-internet , GPS and mobile devices).

Why cross it by camel? I have no ready answer. On the other hand, why not? Australia is a vast country, and most of us who live there see only a small fraction of it. Beyond the roads, in the area known as the outback, camels are the perfect form of transport. One sees little by car, and horses would never survive the hardships of desert crossings.

Having driven through some of this vast desert country (across the Nullabor in 2012) I cannot fathom how she did it. Robyn was blazing a trail , for herself it seems.

I loved the photography /cinematography , the desert landscapes and colours, the Indigenous culture and her indeterminable spirit. Well played Mia ! The soundtrack is superb too.

Before lead actress Mia Wasikowska was even born - development began on the movie adaptation of the book (1980)

Alone for most of her journey , with her trusting camels and Diggity, we see haunting flashbacks to Robyn's childhood.

Robyn is helped by an Aboriginal elder - Mr Eddy , homesteaders and Rick Smolan, a photographer from National Geographic magazine who snaps pictures of her at various prearranged rendezvous in the wilderness - much to her dislike. Rick also leaves gerry cans of drinking water along the driest sections of the trek. National Geographic helped finance her journey.

While the movie is slow , it is therapeutic with a smidgen of romance , a whoop or two of laughter , dry humour and wild adventure at it's most extreme. The snake above was a once off. Conditions were obviously harsh and the movie seems to capture it without drama but with great emotion.

I admit I cannot remember if I had heard of Robyn Davidson's journey before I saw the movie. I was 10 yrs old when she set out in 1977.

Do your self a favour - check it out Tracks.
I've always been drawn to Australian outback movies and I'm going to read Robyn's book next.

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