Friday, 1 August 2014

Older ladies - If you don't think we rock !

I've several friends whose disease and cancer will end their lives early.
More so since I've had cancer [twice] I see life and the ability to age as an extremely huge gift. I want to have the most fun I can.

This song I stumbled upon today is just hilarious , infectious and such a riot.
Today, the world [ I ]can certainly use more songs like this.
As much as we need to live in the moment and appreciate each day God gives us - we need a lot of laughs too.

 I am so humbled and thrilled that we reached by $2000 target. I'll stop bugging people about the City to Surf (Race is in one week) - the Relay for Life [Cancer Council] is my next agenda.

What are you doing to grow old gracefully shamelessly ?