Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dear Blank Please Blank

If procrastination was an art I'd be a [unpaid] professional. I was scrolling through my old Facebook timeline to find an article on "how to help someone with Breast cancer". An acquaintance told me her friend was newly diagnosed and she wanted my advice. I was honestly trying to be helpful ...

I didn't find it but I came across a link to this little exchange.

Dear Duck,
 My advice? Do not cross the road, you will never hear the end of it... 
Sincerely, Chicken

Then this
 And this

Dear Blank .....
Please Blank....
are truly bizarre, random and WT ?
The comments attached are hilarious , except for the stupid village idiot and trolls. A few sad ones too.

Me ...

Dear Accountant
It was all Dear Blank Please Blank's fault

 signed - My Tax return is still not finished.
Dear Sons

Please come when I call you or I'm changing your names to Chocolate and Ice-Cream...

Signed Mum - At least then you would hear me! and come when I call you

Ok let's waste a bit more time - tell me your DBPB or pick a favourite from their website.

Dear Blank ...... Please Blank .....