Monday, 18 August 2014

Carving out a lovely little life

We all live our life on fast forward these days , technology means we wait for nothing - news at our fingertips , 24hr banking and shopping.

Life has been busy , when isn't it ? Days at a time are swallowed up. Hello Spring ! in less than 2 weeks.

I apologise I have had a lot on and haven't had a chance to comment or "gasp" blog. I read a lot of blog posts but time gets the better of me.

Every day I wake up and decide how I wish to live the day. Mostly, I am feeling well and I have no immediate medical issues. Some days I just want to stay in bed , not an option 99% of the time. I have my health and as much as I just want my life back as it was before , it will not happen.

I haven't had too much to say because it all feels like whinging or has already been said; better than I could ever articulate.

The last few weeks I've felt very fatigued, not enough that I can't run or walk for exercise - because that is essential to me as eating and breathing.
Housework - meh.

Running slays me , I ache all over sometimes but I can't stop. I roll and try to stretch out the aches , groaning as my husband laughs watches; perplexed. It' s an addiction that makes my bones stronger and supposedly gives me a 30% reduction in the risk of Breast cancer returning. So I run with it.
I need !

I've got my second half marathon in less than 3 weeks at Dubbo Stampede. Then I will take it easier for a while. Slow down , still I think I enjoy it . I absolutely enjoy our local running community, and my URL ones - running communities are very big on inspiration. Even if you are slow.
Me yesterday - after my dreadmill run.

I accept that if I've done all I could , prepared myself and trained well enough – the result doesn't matter . What I've learned is that being the best isn't what it is about – rather doing my best and being happy with my limitations. Running or parenting.

It's cold ; I am so grateful for Mr Chippy , wood chopper and husband extraordinaire who keeps the fire glowing.

It's wet , today ; I am grateful Mr Mech and his side kick fixed my treadmill. Though truth be told I now rather run outside in the fresh air.

Our house is small and cluttered ; the easy answer to that is a 365 100 day challenge to donate, free-cycle, giveaway or bin a heap of stuff. I bet my husband was grateful I had to take Sam to speech therapy last Tuesday morning , as I passed the waste management truck he beat me to the roadside treasures I was eying off  in the council cleanup.

I managed a little rearranging to fit the Expedit 4 cube into my bedroom to help bring some order to my clutter and bottles of pills and hide contain it better.

My beautiful steam iron is not working *sob*. I've had to resort to my old iron. 'Oh the joy' just isn't there anymore and it's so heavy.

Chemo brain is still giving me grief and I find it so hard to concentrate , or to want to concentrate. Our 2013 Tax is very overdue , it's complicated but slowly I'm getting there. Reminders from the accountant jolt me back into reality; it's not going away.

We have 1000's (no joke) of pieces of paper , in trays and in files (a drawer re removed from the filing cabinet). Stacked in our kitchen /family room. Moved to the table, off the table to the floor and back again. I am so over it.

Over it completely , we sold a property we owned for many years , we had lived in it for 3-4yrs, then rented more recently - hence the capital gains tax complication. Then it's 2014 tax time.

Right now , I long to carve out a lovely little space in the  red dirt garden so when Spring comes I can plant vegies and bright flowers - plus start work on my new Egg plant ...

Tell me what you have been doing or should be doing ?