Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Papaw and Papaya Coconut Cream Parfait

Well-renowned for their tropical colours and juicy texture Australian Papaya and Papaw have a subtle sweet flavour.

I was sent one of each to use in a cooking challenge.  
Available all year round Australian Papaya and Papaw are quite different to each other. Papaya with it's orange-red coloured flesh and yellow-orange coloured skin, has a sweet flavour. It is pear shaped but larger.

Papaya and Papaw are easy to digest, great for children - low GI and packed with vitamin C .

Papaw , more distinct with yellow flesh and pale orange skin, is a rounder and larger fruit, more savoury in taste. The flesh is like Mango. Green Papaya, partners well with Asian dishes.

I admit the smell can be overpowering , especially as since Chemotherapy I am highly sensitive to strong smells.

My sons love all kinds of fruit just not in meals unless it's Hawaiian Pizza not even Apricot chicken tempts them. I asked them to try it in fruit salad but the answer was a resounding NO. 
I'll keep trying !

As I was away from home having Radiation I took the Papaw and Papaya to my adventurous friend's house.

It didn't take me long to de-seed, peel and dice the Papaw and Papaya. The Papaya was slightly bruised (it's on the bottom) , they need careful handling and this one had traveled a long way to get to me , then I took it another 150kms.

We paired some yellow Papaw with our Thai green curry chicken , on the side because her daughters are not fans of fruit in food either. I enjoyed , it cooled my mouth with the spiciness of the curry. Green papaw would go perfect cooked in a curry.

We used the remainder in a delicious dessert , created on the run.

250ml coconut cream#*
150 mls cream

1/2 papaw , 1/4 Papaya peeled, seeded, diced in 1 cm cubes
1-2 Tbs brown sugar
4 Butternut Snap Cookies, coarsely crumbled.  

*Remember to leave the coconut cream in the fridge overnight to chill (or put it in the freezer for 30 mins like we did)
# We added the rest to our curry.

Can you spot the smiley face ?
I know I'm not a Food blogger and my friends' daughter enjoyed styling the dessert - 
who was I to argue ? 
Since we were encouraging families to bring Papaw to the everyday table !

What would create with Papaw and Papaya ?

Disclaimer : I was gifted 1 Papaya and 1 Papaw to create my entry. It was a lot of fun and delicious. My friend's daughters loved it too.

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