Monday, 23 June 2014

Chat about the Chow

Not having to menu plan for almost 8 weeks ... I missed it. All  I think about is food at the moment. 
Hot chips

I feel well though at the moment by leg is quite sore where the radiation burns and my skin are giving me grief. It should only last a week or so longer.

My family really missed our quick dinner favourites.

Simplifying my menu with easy things to cook (more comfort food ) makes everyone happy. It is birthday party week , though the twins' birthday isn't for 8 days.

On our menu this week:

Monday: Beef Stroganoff , Brown rice and vegies
Tuesday: Home crumbed Chicken schnitzel, steamed veg and potato mash / cauliflower
Wednesday: Spaghetti Bolognaise (with  vegies - including carrot/zucchini/spinach/mushroom)  , side salad. Lots of vege for me.
Thursday: Surprise - a Frozen dinner that was provided for us ?? and rice.
Friday: Leftover ' Chicken or Lamb" Tortillas with salad.
Saturday: Celebrating '8' birthday Party leftovers
Sunday: Roast Lamb or Beef served with steamed vegies and baked potato & pumpkin.

I am looking forward to baking 100 cup cakes and Kat's

Coconut, Almond & Macadamia Balls

I am also sticking to soup for lunches now it's winter. Being inactive for a large majority of the last 4 months while my leg healed and through radiation treatment , except for short runs and walking has me piling on kilos. The hand to mouth exercises probably contributed as well.

Disclaimer: I don't always publish my menu plans ...nor stick strictly to them but I try !


Share your own mouth watering menu plans and ideas.