Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May 27: A blog I enjoy reading

A blog I enjoy reading is one that resonates with me, right now especially - Sammie loves to cook , run, cherish life and friends ; like me - she got cancer - twice. She is funny and her smile is as wild as her personality. 

The Annoyed Thyroid

Cancer doesn’t come with a guarantee. There’s no knowing if and when it will come back. All I can say is, that I haven’t got Cancer today. And that’s quite enough to be going on with! ...Sammie
Sammie is a breath of fresh air and she inspires me with her celebration of life. I especially love her passion for running and an out of control desire to bake. She is also going to run a Half marathon in Disneyland

One day we've going to run together - if I can keep up. Sammie's spirit and perseverance is awesome , she just ran the Sydney Morning Herald Half marathon !

There are many other blogs I enjoy too.