Friday, 23 May 2014

May 23: I won't write about ...Schrödinger's cat

and Paradoxes .

I'd never heard of Schrödinger's cat till I read Sam's post - then it was like -  
What the ?
I didn't get it .

Then today, while driving home I heard an International writer, Jim Al-Khali , on radio ABC conversations with Richard Fidler at the Sydney Writers Festival speaking about paradoxes and he mentioned Schrödinger's cat.

Twice in 3 days
Did I miss the memo ?


My head hurt after listening to it, well quite a few paradox.

The paradox is I am writing about something I said I won't.

I can't even begin to get my chemo brain around a little bit of it.

I also won't write about my outlaws marital relations or my sex life .
My finances or lack thereof ...

What is it that you would never write about?

Ps Did I mention I am getting a new cat and I'm naming her Schrödinger 'Bronte' after i said the name on house gate, yesterday !