Saturday, 31 May 2014

Farewell Autumn 2014, you have been…


The journey of these past 13 weeks has definitely had more twists and turns and bends than I (we) ever could’ve imagined.

Four days into Autumn I was diagnosed with a malignant sarcoma and a few other scary things that could be life threatening; scaring the heck out of us...

The road was overwhelming on so many levels, I've found it hard to always have to keep a brave face.

Yet ... not a day that goes by where I'm not grateful to awaken to another day , look into the faces of my seven year old sons and be positive and grateful that I can. I owe to myself to enjoy life as much as I can. I've missed them so much the last 5 wks.

I've made new friends ; in the absence of others that have disappointed or seemingly forgotten me. I accept that I'm hard work , I've come to cherish people who share conversations online and offline when I've needed someone to listen.

I apologise because I've have limited internet had a lot on and haven't had a chance to reply to all comments and messages. Days at a time were swallowed up by various appointments and scans ; five weeks so far of radiation therapy.

I had fun staying with my dear friend and her three gorgeous daughters for 4 weeks (3-4 weekdays) of 5 (radiation).

Sometimes it's very difficult to not let some people things get to me though I've been blessed on so levels by new friends and kindness beyond measure.

Now , I look forward to Winter , tomorrow we get up again and face it head on.

PS - I'm not blogging everyday in June -though I've enjoyed Claire's prompts.