Thursday, 1 May 2014

Everyday in May ~ My Day in 100 words…

Woke in strange bed  ... no clock ; reached for phone 6:29am.


Back to bed.

6.59 am –Up.

Cooked girls pancakes, from scratch .

8:45am Drove to school.

Emailed/ Face booked.


Running late; bolted for 10:45am radiation appointment #3.

Arrived without getting lost.

15mins to get me, tattoos and leg precisely positioned  

Undies blamed.

Radiation 5 minutes.

Told to wear loose undies ...elastic that’s been through dryer !

1pm Lunched in town.

Bought a pre-loved scarf & 5 books.

Shopped for honey and throat lozenges.


Walked 5km.

Cooked, wined and dined.

Phone ‘I love you’s’ with boys and Hubby.

 How was your day today?