Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter the fair way and keeping calm.

It's been a very stressful week and I am taking heart eating relaxing this weekend with family and friends. Honestly, it's been very difficult to not let things get to me while being challenged on many health levels.

Notwithstanding I feel well apart from the usual aches and pains

 I am firm supporter of  Fairtrade and as a family we try to celebrate Easter delicious Fairtrade Certified chocolate eggs and bunnies. There is something for everyone (if they enjoy chocolate). I was sent a few samples of Fairtrade ...who would refuse an offer of free chocolate ?

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand CEO Molly Harriss Olson said “By buying Fairtrade certified chocolates, you can make a difference to the working and living standards for cocoa farmers, their families and communities.

2014 Fairtrade Certified Easter treats include (left to right, top then bottom):

Heart of Chocolate has a range of Fairtrade Certified Easter products, including 55g milk, dark and white Divine Chocolate eggs, and mini Divine Chocolate egg packs. Look out for these products on the Heart of Chocolate website or via one of their stockists.

Xocolatl, a small boutique chocolatier in Melbourne, have created a range of Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs inspired by artists such as Miro, Picasso and and Mondrian (pictured). Visit one of their two shops in Melbourne.

Cadbury's 65g Fairtrade Certified milk chocolate egg, available from national retailers, independent supermarkets, and selected convenience stores.

The boutique range of handmade chocolates by Lindsay & Edmunds are organic and Fairtrade Certified. In addition to their milk and dark chocolate eggs, this year’s range includes individually designed and showpiece Easter eggs. Click here for stockists.

Heart of Chocolate are also offering Dubble egg carton hunting packs. Look out for these products at these stockists and on the Heart of Chocolate website.

Coles private label 70g Milk Chocolate Bunny, under the Fairtrade Cocoa Program, is available in Coles stores nationally.

Chocolatier Australia has beautifully boxed Fairtrade Certified milk and dark eggs, as well as packs of three mini milk chocolate bunnies and eggs. Look out for their products in major supermarkets, Oxfam Shops, newsagents, pharmacies, Myer and David Jones.

Oxfam are selling a range of paper mache keepsake boxes which come with Fairtrade chocolate buttons inside, as well as offerings from Divine and Chocolatier. All products are available from Oxfam Shops nationally, online or on 1800 088 455 

I love a good cup of Fairtrade tea too.
A cup of tea calms me and Harry found the [tea]... seemed to burn away a little of the fear fluttering in his chest. ~J.K. Rowling. 

I need a lot more tea than I could possibly drink ...

What is Fairtrade about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. 

Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, by requiring companies to pay sustainable prices ,which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives and their community through better schooling and improved health services.

Some of the things that I was “meant” to get done, haven’t got done and I'm letting go of it this next week. Although sharing this Fairtrade message was a little late - there is still time to go shopping today.

I'm curious - what is your favourite chocolate or means to keep calm ?

PS- I was only sent a small sample of the above.You should be able to find the eggs in Woolworths, Coles, IGA and 7Eleven.