Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ Taronga Wild Rhinos Art Project

Loved this Wild Rhino

This one too.

Not my favourite

(Trash covered Rhino and shrink wrapped - very ironic considering the location)
This is a Baby ~ Rhino Calf- Art project for schools

Ipad pics ~ I didn't have my DSLR camera and most snaps had to be quick because people don't care about you taking photos.I completely missed the other local ones.

Taronga Wild! Rhinos is a Wild in Art event that will bring businesses, artists and schools together to create a spectacular world-class sculpture trail from the Sydney Harbour foreshore through the Blue Mountains to Dubbo and the Central West region of NSW.

Download the app -
Download the Map : I wish I done this before I left Sydney.

#notsponsored just sharing because the #WildRhinos are very creative works of art