Tuesday, 25 February 2014

If I could I would

...change my yesterdays.
My favourite childhood movie ...The Wizard of OZ

I'm inspired by...people who undertake incredible physical challenges to bring awareness and fund raise for a cause *
My celeb crush is ...*Samuel Johnson

Obsessed with ...Pinterest
Listening to ...whirr of the fan
Thinking about ...Dragon Boating tonight and Icecream
Watching ...for grey clouds
Excited about ...dragon boating and prospect of rain
My fave app ...Strava
Dream getaway ...Whitsunday Islands or a Cruise (done the former -dreaming more about the latter)


Being released from my ball & chain drain yesterday, means I can resume most normal activities driving, walking etc all except running. Pity it wasn't the ironing.

I will see the surgeon for review next Tuesday in Sydney. The soft NF tumour was growing on a superficial nerve (deep in my inner thigh). So muscles/movement were not affected...mostly.

I have weird nerve pain on my lower , inner leg - above my ankle to mid calf and numbness up to my knee - different to before. The pain feels like stinging burn or sunburn when touched or brushed lightly and my lower leg feels like it is buzzing. I get random sharp shooting spasms too - It is distant from the op site in my thigh which is barely sore at all.

The two incisions on my buttocks are healing well. Still, I am not complaining, one less thing to worry about them turning malignant or growing larger.