Monday, 27 January 2014

Kicking Back to school and an update on me.

Back-to-school is in full swing here with one day to go - for us. No more kicking back and barefoot summer days.

Some friends and cousins still have another week on holidays. They are mostly excited about returning to their friends school . I've been so busy, So much to say, no time to blog.

Ok I admit it - Incessant arguing over Lego Batman Superheros on PS3 - whatever. Over. IT. The melee is driving me batty (pun not intended).

We had a lovely week away in Forster (with no PS3) , then it was back to reality Saturday.

I'm in a slump.Post holiday stress, and a whole heap of other mundane stuff as well as facing complicated surgery to remove a tumour (plexiform neurofibromoma) - in my left thigh in 2 weeks. Otherwise, health wise I am doing well.

It's very close to my femoral artery and femoral nerves; the tumours grow on/along nerves - I have an expert surgeon (same Surgeon as for my mastectomy and Hubby's tumour). I have great faith in his skills [I fully appreciate I'm paying well for his knowledge,experience and expertise] that I will not be left with any deficits, apart from the numbness down my inner shin which is already present.It causes shooting pain at times.

A local surgeon declined the surgery and advised there was no-one else suitable in our large country town. I'm glad he was honest.

I may be in hospital for up to a week, in Sydney. Meanwhile my boys will be at home 350kms+ away , so they can go to school. It was a tough decision not to have them with us.Family members will mind them. I've never been apart from them so long.

Even tougher is 2 months of NO running to recover. I am hoping for less.

I digress , we've been still getting ready for the big day - slowly, school supplies have been purchased - ? grey socks are in scant supply ? - though we have shiny new school shoes thanks to Betts Kids.

While people complain about cost of sending kids back to school your child's feet have to last them a long time. Betts Kids Shoes are always fitted for comfort and support for growing feet! Children are in those shoes for at least seven hours at a time [mine for eight + ]

They need to have something supportive and comfortable, sometimes that means replacing them when they wear or grow out - before the school year ends.

I am relieved they had SO many different styles to suit my boys and their unique feet. Finding the right fit was easy with Airflex range.

Betts set us off on the right foot.

The staff at Rouse Hill were so friendly and patient. The boys (not just mine) couldn't sit still were boisterous and excited.

Sam has longer , narrow feet , an E fitting and tends to kick his toes due to low muscle tone - he trips sometimes and scuffs his shoes, plus likes to kick balls at lunchtime . His shoes have a specially moulded  toe section. They’re rugged and made to last.

They feature Airflex's Protect-a-Toe technology, the outsole toe wrap on these shoes provides scuff protection and durability, plus comfort. The insocks of these shoes are also padded to continue the tradition of Airflex comfort for your child and these shoes are also orthotic friendly. I am getting Sam assessed for orthotics soon.

Girls have just as many choices too.

Joel is 1/2 size smaller , but, with a wide G fitting - a 1/2 size difference is difficult to notice when I am rushing them out the door so thankfully Joel's are a different style. he often complains that off the rack shoes are tight. It is 'easy as' now to tell their shoes apart . The kindergarten shoe dramas were a nightmare !
Energy Pod System Technology, providing extra shock absorption in the heel where it's needed most. Plus, this pair is stitched all the way around for ultimate protection and durability.

I am preparing a few special surprises for the boys' first days at school and when I am in hospital.

Now - is the time to get the cameras ready to capture the special occasion - here are a  few we did today.


You can also buy Betts School Shoes online

This year, Betts are donating $5 from every Airflex school shoe purchased online to So They Can.

The team at So They Can does a great job investing in communities in severe need, focusing on education and social business and helping the people become self sufficient.

Learn more about So They Can and the fantastic work they do here:

Are you ready for Back to School ?
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