Sunday, 22 December 2013

Finding my groove again with Reggae , Shaggy and Cash

I love this song and not just because of the sentiment and my blog's name.

It is a simple message – those of us who don’t have much in the way of material possessions can still contribute to life.

Johnny Cash's 'soul' version is very special.

Something simple , can be something wonderful. The least among us can still be counted and matter immensely.

Now this 'Shaggy' reggae ? version is sure to put the rap & tap spirit back into Christmas. I am slowly finding my groove after a big year.

In other news Mary & Joseph are getting closer to the stable

I found this the other day after the boys left for the school bus. I bet they are wondering WT ? how do we get the donkey to climb up there.

PS: In case I forget the baby is in the top of the bathroom cabinet ...

How are you spending Christmas ?