Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Melbourne Cup, the race that stops the nation and the Finish line !

I made a mistake 3 weeks ago - so yeah , no-one told me - till I saw the Oncologist. I had to have ONE extra week #18 to make it 52 weeks -  One year of #Herceptin (17 IV drug infusions x 3 wks = 51wks)

I had my last treatment this afternoon and I only realised this morning it was on Melbourne CUP day . Not that I placed a bet, I have no idea even who won but how apt crossing the finish line today.

Woohoo - I think I should have had intravenous champagne in my drip. Though I rarely drink these days, having made a choice to limit alcohol consumption to reduce my risk of recurrence. I did have sparkling wine on Sunday at the High Tea party at the Hilton.

Relieved as I am to finish Intravenous treatment {I'll still be chomping daily tablets 9-10yrs}, completing treatment though exciting, is stressful. It's so hard not to worry about recurrence ...what measure of protection do I need. 

Until I have my port-a cath removed - who knows when - I will return once a month to Cancer Centre to have it flushed. 

I have to come to terms with the fact that I need time to recover and adjust to life after treatment. My anxiety levels are high. I can't see in the near future that I'll return to work outside the home. I have other surgery coming up for unrelated things and maybe related (Port a cath removal)

Anyway, I wondered why the hospital was quiet today , even though all six chemo chairs were filled when I arrived at 1pm. Then after I left at 2.30pm ...the main street was quiet and there were so many empty parking spots. D'oh it was race time.

My next race is Sussan Women’s Fun Run , I'm traveling specially to Melbourne.

I have a lot of self doubt creeping in , can I do it ? ? ?
I want to raise much needed funds for the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). Every day, 38 women will be told they have breast cancer and 8 women will be lost to the disease. Your money will go towards providing newly diagnosed women with quality information and support.
It's my first half Marathon , hopefully I'll see OpMove team at the finish line , I won't be as fast as them !

I'm going PINK for a Purpose in Sussan Women’s Fun Run - I'm running my first HALF MARATHON   , raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia, if you would like to sponsor me - every $  or [$21.10] counts ;) - sponsor me here