Thursday, 3 October 2013

Savvy Shopping { $50 Gift card Giveaway} Changing taste of Australia

I confess I am a very savvy shopper and MY trolley is typical of this info graphic .

Seeking out savings is my main objective for not letting my husband shop, 50% of my trolley is either special promotions { 2 for x price } , markdowns or just catalogue specials.

He shops very differently to me...just saying prices do not matter to him.

So I was quite interested in the findings from Woolworths' trolley trends report. Recently released , some of the key findings which interested me included:

We are eating out more than ever! Nearly one third (31% in 2010) of our food and non-alcoholic beverages budget is spent on restaurants, takeaway or school lunches ...We are not eating out or buying takeaway so much now we live in the country and 17kms from town though we did previously

Generation X has emerged as Generation debt – more than half of all households headed by a Gen X have a home loan and one third have credit card debt, while Baby Boomers are living the highlife.

We are Gen X with a home loan but not credit card debt fortunately .

The potato was Australia’s side dish of choice in 1984 accounting for 72% of our side dish share of wallet. This has dropped to 39%, with the popularity of pasta, noodles and rice increasing to now make up 61% of side dish purchases. Yes and no

The modern day Australian household closely resembles an episode of ‘Packed to the Rafters’, with the number of dependent 15-24 year olds still living at home with their parents up a staggering 15% from 900,000 in 2001 to 1 million in 2011
We buck this trend because we moved to the country , our 20yr old had a city job he lives in Sydney with his friend's family (whose own 22yr old son lives at home)

Aussie families are looking for value and savings. More than a third of the items in Woolworths’ supermarket trolleys are purchased on promotion.Absolutely ! and more than a 1/3 in my trolley, even my little drummers read the catalogues and alert me to their favourites -on special or on promotion . If they come shopping me with they are savvy shoppers too.

I have a $50 Woolworths Gift card to giveaway for one lucky reader to enjoy a little savvy shopping.

The most original or creative answer will win.

Are you a savvy shopper ?
Tell me how you save when you shop ?

Australian Entries Only.
Closes 16th October 2013

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