Monday, 7 October 2013

One holiday to the next - have you been to Grong Grong ?

November 2011, on our big caravan road trip, Joel smashed out his 4 top front teeth on our last day in Western Australia. He was 5yrs 4 months.

October 2013, on our last day of our Great Ocean Road, Victoria , caravan road trip he to told me his mouth was hurting . I looked and saw a tiny corner of a pearly white front tooth peeking through the gum.

One very happy boy.

Now we are on the road again, heading home from Grong Grong.

Do you remember the "I've been everywhere, Man" song ? Somewhere deep in my subconscious I must have remembered the lyrics. It popped into my head this morning. So I checked. Grong Grong is one of the 94 places , linked only by it's ability to rhyme with another Aussie town.
What did you do on holidays ?

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