Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Girl Rising ~ Making Dreams Possible

Here I am , living a comfortable and privileged life, with sons who have all the 'things' they need and want { except for their PS3 controllers-but that's another story }.

I am grateful for the education they receive along with girls in their school. I received my 'free' education in public schooling and at university too. I found what I wanted to do - Nursing and my dream came to fruition. 

Thankfully, laws in developed countries ensure every girl has an equal opportunity to reach her full potential . This basic human right should be available to all girls , no matter what race or culture, the right to dream big and be educated.

I had dreams for my daughter, sadly born still 9yrs ago , and I wonder what would have been ?

I am passionate about relief, development and advocacy dedicated to working with children born into unforgiving circumstances; as well as their families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

Right now , there is a call to action for us to listen to the dreams of girls around the world.
The Girl Rising movement is what needs to happen to make them a reality. 66 million girls are currently out of school...early marriage, extreme poverty, child slavery and other injustices.

Girl Rising is a global action campaign for girls' education.Centered by the new feature film, Girl Rising, Girl Rising uses the power of storytelling and the leverage of strategic partnerships to deliver a simple, critical truth: Educate Girls and you will Change the World.  Nine girls tell their story; 9 extraordinary girls from 9 countries
I missed seeing the Sydney screening of GirlRising [overview], as we had to return home Thursday night.
The evidence is overwhelming - educating girls dramatically improves the well-being of their families.
For over 26yrs we've have the privilege of being World Vision child sponsors, we currently sponsor 2 children , a 10yr old boy, Rahul {from India who shares the same birthday as my Daughter} and a little girl. When Rahul grows up he wants to be a Doctor.

Photo provided by 10x10 Educate Girls, Change the World, © 2011
Another of our previously sponsored children , a girl , Divya, also from India, had dreams of becoming a Dr too. Education will make her dream possible. I think about her often (She is no longer a sponsored child) and wonder ...

Girl Rising Website

Twitter - GirlRising  #girlrising

 What did you dream or want to do when you were growing up ?