Saturday, 28 September 2013

"Up there Cazaly"

Today we are in the heart of AFL country. I confess I know nothing about AFL , though I do find the antics entertaining.

We MAY even watch Hawthorn and Fremantle take to the MCG in the grand final.

I am showing my age but I remember the AFL catchphrase " Up there Cazaly " as a teenager.

It was such a funny song though I doubt I knew the right words, mostly the chorus.

The original cry "Up there Cazaly" was was even used by Aussie troops in WWII.

I didn't know "Up There Cazaly" was an Australian rules football catchphrase inspired by early 20th century St Kilda and South Melbourne's Roy Cazaly.

The expression became the basis of a song recorded and composed by The Two Man Band (Mike Brady & Peter Sullivan). He is making a come back today.

Do you remember ?

I can't embed the link via my iPad so here is the link.