Friday, 27 September 2013

I wish I had my own Barista {Giveaway}

I was recently invited to sample Hudsons Coffee’s newly launched Barista’s Choice Blend . It has been designed to be a bold cup of coffee with big, intense flavour. Barista’s Choice Blend has been in development for the past six months.

As I don't own a fancy coffee machine (a good pod system none the less) I had to wait till I visited my Mother to try the pre-ground bag I received with her espresso machine.

I'm only an occasional coffee drinker (for health reasons) and this was a delicious treat and taste sensation. Mum loved it too.

The introduction of the second blend to the menu gives customers the same quality coffee they can rely on from Hudsons Coffee, but now with a choice of intensity.

Barista's choice has richer and more intense flavours were influenced by the evolving tastes of Australian coffee drinkers .

"The blend is made up of a mix of three specialty Arabica beans sourced from the high altitudes of Ethiopia and Brazil, combined with the quality Kaapi Royale Robusta bean from India The blend is intense in taste with earthy flavours and caramel undertones The inclusion of the Kaapi Royale Robusta bean, gives the blend its earthy flavour as well as an intense", traditional coffee taste "

Barista’s Choice Blend is available by the cup at nearly 70 conveniently located Hudsons Coffee stores around Australia. A lot of stores are situated in major hospital cafés too , no more dreadful hospital coffee.

Take it home in 50g pre-ground bags, RRP $2.90 1kg whole beans, which can be ground on request, RRP $46

On route to our holiday rendezvous with friends, to travel the Great Ocean Road, I bribed my husband to detour off the freeway by-pass to stop in at Albury's Hudsons Coffee.

I had a $10 voucher and I wanted to taste how a real barista makes Hudson's coffee.

We were not disappointed , they even had free babychinnos for the small fry and a display of delicious looking baked goods and sandwiches etc.

Alas, as we had the caravan parked out the front in a busy main street so it was takeaway for us.

Lisa Feeley, a Hudsons Coffee expert , shared these top tips on how to make great coffee at home.

Buy small portions of coffee as you would fruit and vegetables. Although people often forget, coffee is a fresh product and does have a short shelf life
Store your coffee in a cool place and in an airtight container away from other strong smelling foods

For milk coffees it’s important not to have the temperature too hot. Aim instead for around 60 – 65ºC

Use the right quantity of coffee to water in your brewing, regardless of whether you enjoy your coffee weak or strong. To make coffee stronger, add less milk, or to make it weaker, add more milk.

Lastly, make time to enjoy your coffee experience and savour the moment!

I have a little giveaway for two readers to win a 50gm Barista's choice pack, $10 Hudsons voucher to enjoy coffee in store and a lovely keep cup -

Tell me your prefect coffee moment in 25 words or less ?
I have two packs to giveaway.

Australian residents only.
Answers judged most creative win.
Closes 9th October, 2013.