Friday, 12 July 2013

Some like it hot ~ {$100 Bunnings Giveaway}

We are now so close to moving into our new home, less than 50m from our current temporary dwelling.It will happen in the next week's been 18 long months.

When we lived in Sydney my husband's pride and joy was HIS lush, green turf lawn.

"The grass is always greener on the other side, until you jump the fence and see the weeds up close."
- Albert Grashuis 
Shortly after we moved into our suburban home about 8 yrs ago Hubby got a bobcat guy to totally removed the top layer of the entire backyard - to get rid of the weeds as nothing else was working... or so he told me ! I just wanted rid of the tears bindii with toddlers !!

Though we could have just sprayed and keep killing them, we had a time issue with little boys who loved the outdoors.

We have a few native grasses and lots of weeds here. Hubby has to be content with slashing the long grass. It was very zen for him to mow the lawn in Sydney.

On the farm we are looking forward to planning and establishing the turf / lawn for the 'backyard' and landscaping over the next few months.

It is quite a mess at the moment because we had to dig holes and trenches for the septic and pipes. We have a fenced backyard for the dogs in our temporary home and will do a new one shortly. [We have to fence the cows out and stop them eating our garden or damaging our the tank lids].

The old water tank is being relocated too.

We need to keep the dust down and dirt/mud out of our new home too- with busy boys who forget to remove shoes.

I was offered a consultation with a local Turf Australia grower and it was perfect timing.

Winter can also be a good time to consider a complete lawn replacement and can see it established and thriving by spring. If you are considering a lawn makeover, make sure you get a professional consultation to consider factors such as climate, usage and budget.

Most turf retailers can help households choose the right grass variety for their requirements - they can lay it or tell you the best practices for laying it yourself and maintaining it.

Alex, advised us to encourage the weeds to grow and then spray them to kill them. We may need to do it a few times. Alex gave us a few tips on best grasses for HOT full sun and his recommendations. I'll leave that decision up to my husband. It gets very hot during central west summers.

My husband relished tending the lawns and refused to palm the job off to the teen because he just didn't cut it right. 

Warm season grasses such as soft leafed Buffalos, Kikuyu and Couches are used in many temperate and subtropical regions within Australia and they require a few basic maintenance rules or “tips” be followed during winter, particularly if they are being grown in the southern parts of Australia.
“Cold weather conditions and minimal daylight during winter can really affect your lawn, but there are plenty of ways to make the most of the winter months and get your lawn prepped and ready for spring,” - John Keleher, award winning turf grower and president of Turf Australia.

How often should you water established lawn during winter ?
Many of us overlook the need for watering our lawns when the hot weather passes, though it still requires watering in winter. Cutting your summer watering down by half in winter is a reasonable guide.

How do you treat weeds in Winter ?
It’s normal for lawn growth to slow during winter, sometimes making it easier for winter weeds to take over. There are many selective weed control options that won’t harm your lawn but will help keep it clean of the weeds. Always remember to treat them small and get them all, and of course follow the manufacturer’s label when applying.
Other Winter Tips ?
Raise your cutting height slightly. Longer leaf blades catch more light, and will also protect the roots from frost damage and foot traffic. Try to limit traffic in shaded areas as lawns don't recover as quickly in winter.
What about Fertilisers ?

Fertilising your lawn in autumn is great preparation for the winter months. If you missed this timing, a light fertilizing in early winter containing a balanced nutrient mix is still recommended.

Otherwise application is recommended every 6 weeks or so from October to March (follow pack directions and water it in well).

Last week I took my boys to the Botanical gardens to soak up a little Winter sunshine and guess what we found.

They had patches of turf on display, I only had my iPad so the photos were not clear.

Turf retailers also advise on lawn care programs - how much or how little fertiliser it needs, how to fix brown patches, how to fill in gaps and weeding, etc.

On with the giveaway - 
I have one $100 Bunnings Gift Voucher to giveaway with thanks to Impact Communications and Turf Australia. Plus a few Lawn Care books.
Have fun planning a garden make-over, so your lawn is always ready for a BBQ with family and friends !
Tell me in the comments what is your dream backyard or what you would do with the $100 ? 

1. Only Australian Residents are eligible to enter.
2. Entries not answering the question will be deemed invalid. The winner will be chosen by originality and creative merit, not by chance. Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
3.There is are 3 prizes as above. 1 x $100 gift voucher and 2 x Lawn Care books.

4. Entries - Open 12/7/2013 - Close 11.59pm 26/7/2013 AEST. The winners will be notified by email, and posted to after they reply - Winners have 7 days to respond or a new winner will be drawn.
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Turf Australia provided me a free consultation as part of Turf Australia campaign and I received a gift card too. All opinions are my own. 

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