Thursday, 16 May 2013

This is my lot in life. It's not a lot, but it's my life.

~ LMS ?
Day 16 Blog Everyday in May
Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer has been the most difficult 'Lot in life' I have ever encountered , up there with losing my daughter, and my husband being diagnosed with cancer 3 yrs ago.

It has also opened my eyes to the fact I am not alone nor unique because of breast cancer..

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Lots of people are fighting their own battles every single day. Depression, Diabetes, Addiction and even the man flu ...

What if we all wore a sign to describe our battle - would you care more about lesser things ?
Or you just adhere to the attitude of "I'm glad it's not me" or "Get over it " when you read some sob stories.
It is something I now think more about before getting annoyed at someone too because they have a whinge about whatever LOT is giving them LOTS of strife.

I digress. I'm working running (or walking) to overcome "my lot" by staying as fit and as healthy as possible.

I encourage others to run too, to fundraise for the cure and to support those already affected by breast cancer. I'm registering for 14km City to Surf - walk or running for Breast Cancer Network Australia. Once I get my fundraising page up I hope I get sponsors !
PS - Even if I never know what your battle or 'Lot in life ' is - I hope you overcome and win , or at least enjoy the fight. :)