Thursday, 16 May 2013

5960 reasons to bring back nudity {Giveaway}


I calculated , based on 5 loads of washing per week x 23 yrs marriage , I'm getting close to 5960 loads of washing = 5 x 52 x 23 . A very conservative guesstimate because when my twins were babies and toddlers (and in cloth nappies) I reckon I did 2-3 loads a day minimum. 

I was sent a sample of the new Dynamo Maximum to review. I was interested to see if the Dynamo maximised version had any extra cleaning power. As you know we are surrounded by red dirt , dust , more red dirt (and the odd cow poo).

...and today complete with a little red mud - HOORAY - because we really need the rain.

I mostly use a liquid detergent because we use cold water to wash, as we only have 50L HWS . We sometimes recycle cold shower/bath water too - because - yes we need rain and paying $300 load for water, to flush or wash clothes in, is insane and wicked.

This was some unfortunate woman's washing machine or rather boiler ? ...I found it here when we moved. If I had to use it - it would bring back nudity for sure.

I'm kidding ... seriously what have we got to complain about ? It's an age old problem for women.

My grandmothers used to spend all day washing or more.My MIL often speaks of her & her sisters working in the family guest house, spending 6 hours every day doing the laundry. In 1920-30's the biggest labour saving improvement was the introduction of gas boilers to replace the wood fired coppers.

I remember my mum having a twin tub and having to haul washing from one side to other to spin.
They were small loads too, so it took forever.

Electric washing machines may have shaved hours off time spent cleaning so women could enjoy more leisure time but they still spent hours creating a 'perfect' home for their families...No Facebook or Latte dates for these mums.

The 1950s saw the introduction of fish fingers, electric fires, washing machine, ink and toilet paper (thank goodness* a recent survey of my FB readers said TP was one of the best inventions). Though appliances, like washing machines and refrigerators, were so expensive they were out of reach for many. Mums were left doing their washing by hand, because only
33 per cent of households had a washing machine. Only 15 per cent had a fridge and freezers and tumble dryers were scarcely heard of.

Women from all classes tried to find excuses ways to get relief from doing laundry.We have got it good sisters ! No filling buckets with water, no boiling water, no grating soap flakes, no scrubbing boards and stirring dirty clothes with a washing stick.

I found the Malley's one out the back at the farm and I'm grateful I'll never use for it's intended purpose. (I think they are selling on ebay etc for >$150 ~ in mint condition ).

To be honest I wasn't sure what it was or did... boil water mainly I was told.

Thankfully , we just have sort colours (I do sometimes), place clothes into the machine, add detergent - like Dynamo Maximum a button then come back in 30 - 40mins to remove the clean , fresh laundry.

Environmentally conscious , I peg them on the line or in the dryer only if absolutely necessary ...easy. (Don't talk to me about folding - I hate it - but I'm loving it more now I can make packet undies and packets out of everything -thanks to Gemma)

I'll stop whinging right about now. Our grandmothers would never have had time for social media with all the time they spent washing (& general cleaning) and imagine chopping wood to do the washing.

Are we soft ?

A few weeks ago we visited my brother's new farm and one of my boys fell in fresh cow dung out in far paddock. I shouldn't have said - "You're not coming in my car " because he burst in tears and was overwrought with emotion. It was ALL my fault for not bringing extra clothes too - he said

So he went in my Brother's car back to the house and then we found a pair of my nephew's tracksuit pants for him to wear.

The other twin was crying because his trackpants were full of prickles so I had to de-prickle them while he sat whinging in his undies it was my fault for not bringing pj's. Unfortunately, Dynamo does get prickles out of anything I had to pick them out, painfully, 1 by 1.

Anyway , with long arms  we placed the smelly ones in a plastic bag , tied it tight and tossed it in back of the car - I remembered 2 days later. So hubby pre-soaked them in the old sink.

and the stain was ugly on grey trackies. Well my worries were over - this was the result.

Also keeping my Ollie & Max shirt very white !

So I digress. Dynamo Maximum ticked all the boxes for me - clean washing without compromising the environment.
  • Cold water friendly (energy saving+) It’s a liquid, so no worries about having to dissolve powder or re wash out powdery stains (I hate that) 
  • Available in top and front loader variants.

  • Dynamo Maximum complies with industry standards for phosphorus and biodegradability
  • Worked for me -getting rid of the farm dirt, grotty twin boys & hubby's workgear plus adventures with rogue pooping cows,grime and spag bol and whatever this stain was - the first time. 
  • Dynamo Maximum has minimal environmental impact with maximum stain removal power. 100% recyclable bottle or you can use Dynamo refills

Go on you know you want to try it too !
Well here is your chance!
Leave a comment- telling me...

What's your favourite labour saving appliance ?
What couldn't you live without ?

Two lucky readers will win Two x 2L Dynamo Maximum liquids with each prize valued at $32.98 each.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Dynamo and Digital Parents Collective and I received a complimentary bottle of Dynamo Maximum - however opinions expressed are purely my own