Thursday, 9 May 2013

Something about Mary and the Postman ~ A moment in my Day

Today's prompt for 'Blog every day in May' was a moment in your day .

Yesterday, I stopped at our front gate

(View Aug 2012)
to check our mail...nothing yet !

The neighbour's huge cattle truck was blocking the road , so I stood for a moment enjoying the view.
I saw the postman's car approaching , as the truck drove up the little hill and he could get around too. I waited ...

No mail for me.

Puzzled, as to why I was taking a picture (check in next week), he jokingly  I hope, said "I normally take a leak here, I hope you you don't want a picture of that ? " ...

"eeewww NO "

 I drove into to town buy my husband

for our renovation project 20 screws for $1 bargain.

I finished my errands and started home. I spied , with my crooked eyes, a curious sight the near skate park ,


in the middle of town, near a few industrial businesses, the railway line and the pool.

There was a lady with two huge Japanese 'wolf' looking dogs (I asked the breed but forgot) , on leads nearby. I stopped to ask her about the sheep. {FYI - sheep are not required to be on a lead in public}

She sheepishly explained it was a morning ritual to walk her lambs (now 8 months old) ...they really do follow her she wasn't called Mary.

'Mary' (her real name) & friend were lambs rescued from sale yards. Sometimes when ewes give birth at saleyards, the truck drivers refuse to take them on the truck because they get trampled to death ...instead they get rescued or their throats cut.

My plan is to get myself a pet lamb or two, soon this space.The lovely lady told to check for a 'fanny' if I wanted a girl.

*sorry if you came here looking for a postman taking a leak, we live in a quiet, no through road so it's pretty private to find a tree ...just so long as it's not our tree.

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