Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Re-inventing the wheel ~ Tyreright review

I don’t know much technical information when it comes to choosing car tyres.I rely and trust the experts [and Hubby] for the right advice.

I was asked to trial the Tyreright online/mobile website and the timing couldn't have been better because one of our vehicles was due for new tyres and like most people we had been putting it off until we had to.We have owned this car , bought secondhand 12- 13 yrs , and with over 390,000+kms it has seen a few tyre changes.Having the right tyres is so important when you do a lot of driving.

I digress - Sunday night , it was cold and dark, and I was following hubby down the highway, back into town. I saw him pulling over suddenly with his long trailer on .Then I saw a small hatchback on side of the road with flashing hazard lights and a young woman who was 'waving' at us to stop - she had 'parked' right on the edge of the highway.

I pulled over behind hubby. I got out first and she asked to borrow my phone. She said she had 2 kids in the car, her phone was flat and her tyre was damaged.

Hubby did the right thing and changed it to the spare tyre for her, since we wouldn't have left her waiting alone with her 2yr and 3 month old baby. She had bent the inner side of the wheel rim . He advised her to take it to tyre repairer. She was happy that the tyre appeared okay. [I was glad it was the passenger side. There was no road shoulder and there wasn't much room to push the car off the road further.]

Key motoring organisations agree that tyres are one of the most important primary safety feature, provided your car is also in good mechanical condition. Tyres are the only contact between you and the road, and they influence vehicle control - acceleration, braking and cornering forces. Most people say the more you spend on tyres the safer your car will be.

Have you ever looked for your tyre placard lately ? 

This is for another car.

I confess I couldn't find it at first....so you can bet I leave 'tyre checking' to the man. Even so, I have had to change a tyre once or twice and pump the tyres up.

You need to start the selection for the right tyres by knowing the tyre placard contains important information on the recommended tyre pressures for your tyres under various conditions. It also helps keeping pressures at recommended levels for best tyre life. You can find it on the information sticker on the door jamb, under the sun visor or inside of the glove box lid. It is also on tyre walls ...

Australian-owned and operated, Tyreright has a detailed knowledge of Australian driving conditions and industries. Tyreright has an easy three step tyre ordering system.

Their revolutionary online ordering system allows you to select your tyres ahead of time (mobile or online) , pay for them online and then book a time that suits you in order to have them fitted.

You can check on Tyreright website for your vehicle -

You can narrow your choices too by tyre brand and price range.

Click on tyre specs

Every tyre on the site is scored out of 10 on five core characteristics: Handling; Wet Weather Handling; Comfort; Durability; and Fuel Economy.This helps when choosing which tyres are best for your car and your family use.

Tips on finding the right tyre for your vehicle(s)

    Check the size already on your vehicle.
    Consider the conditions you mostly drive in.
    Think about what performance characteristics are most important to you.

Tyreright is a national network of independent tyre dealers across Australia - finding a store near you is simple as entering your location, it you have a problem they have a chat box with expert help on hand.

The website was simple to use but I had a very tight schedule so with my tyres options chosen, I decided to ring the store and book in directly and ask their advice. I also needed to choose tyres that were in stock or could be delivered the next morning. Leigh was extremely helpful said it was no problem at all.

Tyreright offers an option to select a guaranteed time for fitting, if you’re tyres aren’t fitted within 30 minutes of your booking time, they will give you a $30 cash-back. However, it didn't apply to 4WD's or additional services like alignments [you can order this on website too] and conditions apply)

This car is in Sydney at the moment and I flew in for the day ; I had two appointments. We have used our local country Tyreright for new tyres recently and were very impressed with their service too [we paid for this]. Plus they do mobile tractor and agricultural tyre repairs right on our farm.

I booked at a location I knew I could access from a nearby railway line ~Parramatta. A friend met me there with the car and waited while the tyres were fitted and for me to arrive. Everything was like clockwork and tyres were fitted on time. My friend emailed me this before I even asked -

Hi Trish,

It was good to see you yesterday.

Just adding a few of my observations at Tyreright Parramatta.

The staff were very courteous and helpful, they made you feel very welcome.

There is a very comfortable and clean customer waiting area, with coffee and tea provided, also TV and daily news paper in this area. Rest rooms are very clean.

All together a very pleasant experience.



I especially liked that there are no hidden or unexpected charges when you have your tyres fitted at Tyre Right. All their prices include expert fitting, electronic balancing, valve replacement and environmental disposal of your used tyres. (We've been hit before with extra costs.)

Find Tyreright on Facebook and friendly Twitter team. They run live chat support on the website during business hours in addition to phone support and social media team. You’re never far from help and advice when you need it.

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Have you had to change a flat tyre lately ?