Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Life in 250 Words ...{oh well more or less}

Born and raised in Sydney, nothing really big or important ever happened in my childhood...though does waving to Queen Elizabeth , as she was chauffeured by in her car, count ?
Living in the same home for 15yrs, a happy suburban neighbourhood (sadly a very different one today), we built cubby houses, climbed trees, played backyard cricket and football with the neighbourhood 'tribe'.

The eldest of 3 - a brother & sister, my parents were happily married till my father passed away 8 yrs ago. I consider myself very fortunate to have been so loved and encouraged to chase my dreams. I went to 'college', graduating with a Diploma (degree) in Nursing - achieving a High Distinction.

I've never traveled overseas - the most extraordinary thing I’ve  done is at 22yrs I rode a bicycle from Melbourne to Sydney celebrating the bicentenary (1988). I met my husband on a bizarre blind date in 1988 ...a month or so before that 1100km bike ride.

I’m mother to 4 children, blessed with three sons- 1 adopted and IVF twins - rambunctious and loving boys and a daughter , stillborn in 2004. My children give me an excuse for bizarre & eccentric behaviour.

In 2012 we made a lifestyle / tree-change to 1000acres property in Central West NSW.  Diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months ago - after a mastectomy and 16 cycles of chemotherapy , I’m finally half way through the 17 cycles of IV Herceptin.

Each morning I wake determined to enjoy the day – wasting a lot of time on the Internet. I still worry immensely about my future but I focus on enjoying the journey right now as path unfolds before me - step by step and moment by moment.

A Fresh New Challenge…