Friday, 19 April 2013

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I couldn't very well title my post 'the blow job' that ended in disaster!
Imagine the people visiting my blog and their disappointment if I did.

All that pumping.
I am sure that is what killed my calves.

X two , to be precise, with a measly foot pump.

Misguidedly, I thought it would be great exercise for sliming my calves.
Sadly I am deflated.

Though it could have been the stair climbing. It also wasn't the overnight fix I dreamed of *sigh*.

Then we had to go and purchase life jackets because I am so paranoid least they cast adrift and head out to the ocean. Then the day disappeared on us so we hardly got to use them.

I did walk on the beach yesterday because I had to at least once.

Today, I am still hobbling about like a little old lady. Lesson learned. Smacked that smug look right off my face.

The weather is less than idyllic today, a fierce breeze strong enough to blow the bacon off a BBQ.

Then we heard an ominous thud ...

I mopped up blood and tears while hubby looked up a Dr's surgery, 6 calls later we got lucky.

It did need one stitch and I convinced the Dr my boy would be fine. We didn't need a drive and long wait at the hospital 20 mins away. The Dr said he was very good and he'd never seen a boy like him.

Thankfully it wasn't worse.
He is fine now and we are off to build sandcastles if we find somewhere out of the damn wind.

How has your week been ?
Is Friday your favourite day of the week ?

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