Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ripples and RAK's

Last week I was delighted to be gifted a Random act of Kindness - RAK and I was so touched by it {That is a post for another day}. I am so thankful for the ripples of kindness surrounding it (comments) and some fancy new kit. It is one of the RAK's that have touched my life since the breast cancer diagnosis.

February 11-17 was designated Random Acts of Kindness Week ...I missed the memo - though I don't see why we need a special week to be kind !
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This week I met a stranger who might become a friend.
Where it leads doesn't matter.

I was shopping and casually observed a lady in a coloured headscarf. I assumed due to baldness
There was something familiar about her , likely a recent visit to Cancer Centre waiting room. The lady was having coffee (or whatever) with a young boy (he had a donut not coffee).

My two boys and I entered the supermarket and the lady & boy followed about 5 mins behind us.The three boys some how hooked up and decided to play, chase and laugh like little boys should ...except not up and down the aisles of WW.

We smiled at each other (well I was thinking how to hog tie my kids ...) and I decided to take a punt and ask if she was having chemo - to offer her my headscarves , now my hair is growing back I don't need them.

In a round about way I confirmed that we both had Breast cancer. Q..Is your Nurse A ? No B !
I don't usually swap numbers with random strangers but we did.

The 3 little devils boys played chasey and we chatted for 5mins. She mentioned she was going on  holidays soon (as in -she wouldn't be around town) ..then she said it was for a Starlight wish for her young daughter who has a fatal genetic disease (A truly tragic one - children usually die before 4yrs).

OH MY gosh - what do say when someone tells you that ?

I followed her 'lead' and we talked about Starlight wishes . I told her how my friend, Tiff {from Three Ring Circus}, daughter Ivy received a Starlight wish.

She mentioned she was having chemo the next day so I decided to drop the headscarves there, without delay.

I also remembered the gorgeous, soft Starlight -Sandy Pillow Pet I blogged about recently - I had been waiting for someone to gift it to. I tucked Sandy, the Turtle into the bag and a little Tassie Devil softie for her rascal brother too. The little girl loves soft things apparently.
As I handed the things to my new friend we were surrounded by more than a dozen 'wide eyed' people all close and cosy, in squishy cafe table style seating at the Cancer Centre. We chatted a little and she showed me phone pics of her precious gorgeous girl.

I had already asked another Internet friend if their family could access Heartfelt services and she said yes. I told my new friend about this too. Hopefully it will give them some special photographic memories. As I was leaving we were both wiping away a few tears.

Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

Scott Adams (1957)
Creator Of Dilbert Comic Strip

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It is never too late to make kindness a habit...{ignore the date below I just liked the list }

download it here
I feel good because I hopefully helped someone having a really difficult time. I know it wasn't much -kindness can be very simple things. I am still no better a person. I cannot imagine the path she is walking. I'd be stumbling.
Have you felt the touch of kindness recently ?
Do you pay it forward ?
Pass it on ?