Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Restore and Embrace

Just one little word...no two.

I've been thinking about life and how to deal with the issues that are impacting on my life.
Life threw us a lot of curve balls last year.
We were twisted around.
I lost ground.
I survived.

This year I want to restore my life, to truly enjoy the beautiful journey.
Everyday I am reminded by the scars of what I've been through.
Breast Cancer ; it's just another stepping stone.
I will never be the same but I can be restored.
I will embrace life and the new opportunities that come my way.

So my words for 2013 are restore and embrace.
I can't believe 3 weeks are gone already.
It's been 2 weeks since I had my last chemotherapy.
My treatment continues until October with third weekly infusions of a different drug Heceptin.
I'll start a daily tablet, Tamoxifen, next week.

Onwards ...

In no particular order my intentions are to

Restore my health , find healing , achieve well-being in spite of side effects and fix my sleep disturbances.

Restore my mind ...got any tips ? {chemo brain is terrible , sorry my thoughts are disjointed and my memory is pathetic}
Restore my soul and my faith...listen to my favorite music or read inspirational blogs/books.

Restore my family- enjoy time playing with my sons and turn off my de'vices'  and tune into my husband.
Restore my home ...move from our little farm shed into our renovated 'Cabin'- a blank canvas for decorating too.

Restore my confidence and be at peace with my appearance.
Restore the balance and take time to treat myself to God's gifts in my life.

I'll embrace the changes.
Embrace every day positively, wake with enthusiasm , catch the curve balls and hurl them back.
I'll keep stepping forward and dance over the stepping stones...
Embrace and capture memories .
Then to look back in a year and say remember when ...


Have you got a word for 2013  ?