Thursday 6 December 2012

The Panic button and zones of seduction

I love Christmas though I'm feeling 'challenged ' after talking to friends and seeing the answers to my Facebook question

Have you started Christmas shopping yet ? Anyone else starting to hit the panic button or are you all finished?

 7/10 people - answered telling me they have wrapped up their Christmas Shopping (some have all their presents hidden and /or stacked under the trees...trees they probably decorated by 1st December). I wish I was as organised.

So I finally found the Christmas tree (Lost in 2010) and 'assembled' it for the first time ever by December 1st. I have a few of the boys' presents but I feel stressed with only 17-18 shopping days up my sleeve.

Retailers in a fearful global financial climate are applying ever more psychological tactics to lure shoppers into parting with their money. I also feel bad walking into a store and then not buying anything...the scathing sad looks get to me.

Thinking about what to buy ? choices ? ...Thankfully, this year I am not buried under hoards of catalogues because no-one delivers to our mail box. (Last year we got on average 10 catalogues a day. It is such a waste of paper.)

Christmas gift shopping is one of those times that combine a lot of fun with a lot of stress. I love choosing gifts and I want a bargain and but I don't like being jostled or pushing through crowds.

Once the children finish school  - I find that after a few days it isn’t so easy having the kids (your own or not) underfoot all the time ...please don't tell me your children are well behaved out shopping. 

I have nightmares from the days when I had to push the twin stroller into ankles and shins around crowds , fight with the masses of panicked shoppers frustrated at the long queues and frazzled parents with toddlers in meltdown mode or older ones whinging for whatever.

Kids everywhere pumped up about the presents they WANT  - you twist your neck when a kid behind shouts for the twentieth time "MUM Can I have ... ?"  You are just about to growl "NO" and realise you don't recognise him.

It isn’t easy taking them shopping for anything because my two can't seem to leave one another alone for even a minute once we hit the aisles. My husband gets into a sweat and uses every excuse to escape both grocery and gift shopping with the kids in tow.I also hate fighting for parking spaces.

This year I decided to shop online - eBay being one of my favourite sites for new purchases.
The seduction lure of everything at my fingertips, flying quicker across the keyboard than Santa and his globe trotting reindeer , saving my sanity personal energy and reducing my carbon footprint.Plus I need to be careful of germs crowds with chemo knocking my immune system.

I can watch items, buy it now and compare items. I can shop anytime inspiration strikes and I don't even have to get dressed.

After browsing eBay for a few hours - I've been seduced by the gift guides Hundreds of Gifts for Dads you will surely find the quirkiest gifts on the planet -something for everyone in the family . (Though he actually just told me he wants new undies.)

My teenager would whoop excitedly if I gave him this -

iRig Mix - $99.00
Need a DJ for your Christmas party? Now anyone with iPads or iPhones can now be a DJ with this nifty mixer.

Mancave for him or Owl Contact lens case in all colours for me

A giant remote control tarantula spider anyone ?

Wonder who I'd give this too though ...
 Voodoo knife block if you're feeling stabby
Everyone loves a
back scratcher - Perfect Kris Kringle gift for the office  

The Little Drummers want Skylander giants and 'monkey bars' amongst a few others.

Do eBay sell monkey bars ? Yes they do but I've missed the cut off for Christmas delivery.

I'm easy - I 'd be happy with heritage seeds for my vegie garden and maybe a new dress  (The refinements and filters to limit dress fashion choices are amazing and endless) or an ice-cream maker !

Here are eBay’s tips for mums to getting a unique gift for your loved ones this Christmas


Timing is everything: Take advantage of weekly sales and group deals to get the best bang for your buck:

a. The most convenient time to shop for group deals and flash sales using eBay mobile and web for fashion buys is midday on Thursdays

b. The most convenient time to shop for group deals and flash sales using eBay mobile and web for electronics and homewares is midday on Tuesdays and Fridays

c. On the weekends in general, Sunday is by far the most convenient day to shop across eBay mobile and web

2. What’s going in the stocking?: Ensure you have a game plan before you start shopping for your loved ones. Have a solid idea of who you are shopping for and what they might like before going online. Stuck for ideas? eBay Australia has provided some indication as to their most popular gifts for Christmas this year

3. Steer clear of Christmas Grinch’s! Research the seller and get to know their online reputation. Read feedback from buyers they’ve had previous transactions with and check their pictures and descriptions closely

4. Do your homework: Make sure you read the item’s description carefully and be aware of any measurements and size differences – especially if purchasing items from overseas.

5. Compare prices: Compare prices before making your purchase to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

6. Currency conversion: The high Aussie dollar means that there are some great deals to be had from international eBay sellers – just make sure you factor currency conversion and shipping into the final price.

7. Pay safe: Make sure you pay with a safer payment method, such as PayPal, which has recourse should you be unhappy with your experience

8. Make a list, check it twice!: Like Santa, you want to make sure you don’t forget anyone. Keep a list of the people you want to buy for and tick them off as you go along.

   Of course gifts have to be delivered ... Aust Post expects to deliver half a million more parcels across the country in the week following the Busiest Online Shopping day. It will be very busy this final 3 weeks running into Christmas so make sure you order your presents in time !

Australia’s leading online commerce enablers, eBay, PayPal and Australia Post are forecasting this Sunday 9 December to be the busiest online shopping day ever, with more online purchases predicted from Australian websites this December than in any other month of trade.
Approximately 2.3 million Australians are expected to visit on this day alone – a 26 per cent increase over last year’s Busiest Online Shopping Day (11 December 2011).
Additional statistics for the Busiest Online Shopping Day (Sunday 9 December 2012):
- eBay expects 300,000 items to be sold on on Sunday 9 December – 17% greater than last year’s busiest online shopping day.

What would you like for Christmas ?
Do you buy your own gifts
Are you ready for Christmas ?

Disclaimer: This is not truly a sponsored post though I was gifted a voucher to spend on eBay
All opinions and gift ideas are my own.