Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Touchy Time out - my first RedBalloon experience

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I’ve been chosen to be a #RedballoonMum

I have a choice of over 2000 possible Redballoon experiences and I plan to have the time of my life...though I am more inclined to be indulgent and pampering than adventurous ...you never know but I'm warning you I squawk like a chicken ; I am  !

As a mum sometimes our days feel excessively full and hectic no matter how prepared and organised we are or try to be...

When the day seems long busy and the "to do" list has overwhelmed us we all need to take a quiet moment to sit, breathe deeply...then drink a cup of tea or another favourite beverage , reflecting on the ebb and flows of life.

Often we don’t get much “me” time and when we do we still put our family first. That is when I feel my strength waning.

Anyway, I decided that a day spa pamper was just what the Dr ordered as my first RedBalloon experience. As I immersed myself in the list of indulgent possibilities I wasn’t limited by choices. I was very surprised by the range on offer.

On the day, I arrived very stressed after a rough start to the morning , running late due to traffic and being caught up in road works and because I thought my motorway toll pass had been taken from my car by hub...[no toll roads in the country]. Just as I decided I didn’t care [it was hidden behind the mirror)... I felt it. Then near the venue, the concrete island in the middle of the road prevented me turning directly into the right street and I had to do my the block completely at the GPS.

I finally made my way to Tonic Spa in Castle Hill and was warmly greeted , then offered a cup of herbal tea and shown ‘my room’ ...deep breaths ensued.

The massage room with soft ambient lightening , had a welcoming flower blossom and a little name tag bearing my name.

My tired ‘smelly’ feet were soon immersed in a aromatic foot bath filled with Dead Sea Salts, I was left to sip my herbal tea as I soaked and sighed with relief - then my therapist, Caitlyn, returned to give me a exfoliating bamboo & spearmint scrub ...brave lady ! It was bliss !

I hadn’t quite pictured how relaxing the massage would be – Caitlyn was brilliant she checked a few times to make sure the ‘pressure’ was sufficient . I felt all my tension reduce , instantly restoring calm and well being with every stroke, using pure Macadamia Nut Oil blended with beautiful essential oils that left my skin smooth and soft.
Sorry I couldn’t share any photos but I’m not partial to semi naked photos of myself - that would be too alarming.

It has been so long since I indulged in a massage...well my hubby does give my back a rub sometimes but he doesn’t have the same ‘touch’ (shhh don’t tell him) or patience to go for longer than 5 minutes.

I could feel the tension of the last few months melt away, lying atop a soft fluffy towel , soft melodic music playing. I just ‘drifted’ away during the 60 min decadent massage . My therapist and I chatted a little – to ensure I stayed awake ...snoring is not cool. She finished up with a soothing face massage.

The Tonic Spa massage all over body body was very euphoric , from head to toe , it unwound the knots and milked the tension that life builds up. I’d highly recommend it.

RedBalloon vouchers make the perfect gift especially for that hard to buy for family member or friend, as well as being an awesome experience – they are prefect for creating awe-inspiring  memories and as well as photographic evidence for friends ...though I don't plan on hot air ballooning I know my MIL has it on her bucket list.

I know most of us have so much stuff  and we buy what we really want now .A RedBalloon experience won’t take up any space in the cupboard or  on the shelf – unless of course you take some awesome evidence photos  ! My hub is very keen for a motor racing experience.

Do you ever feel like you just want to stop and catch your breath?
Would you like to press pause and take a sabbatical from the busyness ?
Or do you need an adrenaline infusion to get you fist pumping again ?
What would you choose ?

Thanks to RedBalloon - When you spend $129 or more on any RedBalloon experience you’ll receive $30 off if you enter the promo code RBXMAS12 at the checkout. 

T &C: Offer valid until 31/12/13. Promotional Code can only be used once per person. 
All purchases are subject to RedBalloon T&Cs, for full details see: www.redballoon.com.au/help/terms-conditions

Disclaimer: Thanks to the team at Digital Parents Collective for inviting me to be a part of the RedBalloon Experience program. I will be sharing my awesome experiences with you over the next 6 months. As always, all opinions are my own however the experiences are complimentary.

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