Sunday, 16 December 2012

On the far side of yesterday

No doubt you heard what happened yesterday unless you live in a cave.
Unbelievable, shocking, heartbreaking and so tragic.

I read this morning all 20 children were aged 6-7yrs old, the same age as my cherubs.
I cannot begin to imagine their parents grief or how their community will recover and rebuild their lives.

In the back of my mind is the fear from yesterday, scanning the list , I was relieved there were no twins.

All any of us can do when we encounter unfathomable tragedy so far away but so close to our own hearts is to hold your children tight always. This will shape the rest of their lives, knowing how much you love them, more than anything else.

I'm so very grateful for so many things this week .

I got free printable from Kate Hadfield

I'm most thankful , that the Drummer boys have their delightful kindergarten teacher again for Year 1. Class lists were posted at school Wednesday, they are the only boys from their class [11-12 boys] to have this privilege. Two girls from their kindy class will join them too.

Ms W is the only kindergarten teacher moving up to yr 1. There will be four classes , though they're away from their little buddies they will know enough of the 'new' boys and girls in the class.

I had asked purposely they remain together [they are very independent anyway], not so much because they are twins but rather for my benefit . As I will continue my treatment [until October] and have ongoing medical appointments etc - it is just easier for me to deal with one lot of classroom commitments, assemblies,notes or whatever.

I didn't think about it till afterwards but it is also a huge relief that I won't have to introduce myself to a new teacher and advise them about my breast cancer. I have a suspicion the teachers consciously and carefully left my boys with Ms W or she choose them because [I might be biased here] she told me they make her laugh and she enjoys them in her class.

I'm grateful too that the school year is drawing to a close, it's been a lovely year for them at school and their reports were pleasing. They have come so far and it's a joy to hear them read to me.

Today ,we are making Reindeer noses for their friends and that will make all the kids jubilant !
It's a pity, there are only just enough Maltesers so we cannot indulge.

What are you grateful for today ?