Tuesday 4 December 2012

Just keep swimming

Yesterday my boys started 2 weeks of intensive swimming lessons. Unfortunately we haven't got much choice for swimming lessons here in the country. Now they have moved up a few levels positions in classes are limited. The outdoor aquatic pool only offers lessons for 2 seasons as well.

As it was my problem for leaving things to the last minute they were placed in 2 different classes , 4.30 & 5pm , and the lessons start 1 hr after school finishes (5 mins away from school not enough time to go home). We don't get home till 6pm.

The silver lining is they get extra play time and the weather is perfect for it. It is very important kids learn to swim and enjoy the experience.

Media coverage of  recent drownings has really made me think carefully about updating my CPR /first aid certificate. I trained as Registered nurse over 20 years ago, I worked for over 12yrs in a Paediatric ward but I don't think I ever had to put my CPR skills to the test except on the plastic baby resus dolls.

My boys have always loved the water

and the beach .

I'm so anxious when they are around water. Even though swimming lessons cost a fortune ...we keep swimming.

Prevention is the key:

• Anyone can be affected by a drowning or near drowning experience ...Children drown silently, it doesn't have to be your child or grandchild - you could be anywhere and be the only one that knows.
• So learn resuscitation
• Providing immediate first aid increases the chance of recovery
Keep all our kids alive ... do the five
  1. Fence the pool
  2. Shut the gate
  3. Teach your kids to swim - it's great
  4. Supervise - watch your mate and
I am planning on updating /doing a CPR asap. My friend told me last week they have just revised resuscitation gudielines within the last 2 months.

I read an estimate that suggests for every child who drowns, 14 are taken to hospital emergency departments and 3-4 of those are admitted to hospital...1/5th will suffer hypoxic brain injury and be disabled for life.

At swimming lessons a few months ago a toddler about 2yrs was struggling on the ramp into the pool to get her face out of the water - She was tall enough for the depth but couldn't push up when bent over. I suddenly saw her at the same time her father (who was talking to a fellow 6 ms away) did and he ran over as I got up. She was coughing, crying and very distressed, her mother came rushing from the other end (dressing rooms).

So I quote the Ripples blog here
So have you checked your pool fence and gate lately to ensure it is safe? Do your children have the skills to be safe in the water?
Do you ALWAYS supervise the children in and around the water?
Do you know CPR in case the unimaginable happens?

What are you going to do about these today?
Yesterday I watched my twins playing in the shallow pool with about 2 dozen children. I was surprised by a few parents watching their toddlers/preschoolers from the sides and/or sitting on the grass not watching. Our old local pool had strict rules that you had to be within arms reach of your children under 6-  or they forced them to get out. A teenage lifeguard was on duty yesterday - but how can they watch 2 dozen kids at once.

I was also busy watching my boys' new thongs ...the ever popular Havaianas. We received them in the mail last week ...perfect timing because one twin was given a pre-loved black pair by his cousin.

It was hard trying to smooth ruffled feathers of his twin who didn't get a pair. Havaianas are the only thongs I've ever known a kid to outgrow and outlast. {Unless they get coveted by another child at the beach or pool}

Just in time for Christmas Havaianas have released new Kids Bundles. My Little Pony, Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus prime. They come with a corresponding toy and would make a perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer coming into summer.

My Little Pony and Transformers Havaianas $39.95

Are your kids water safe ? 
Do you know resuscitation ? 

Disclaimer: We received a pair of Transformers and Batman havaianas ...not a  toy bundle. I was not paid to mention them and all opinions are my own.

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