Thursday, 8 November 2012

Win ~ Five Lunches, Five ways and 50 Shades of Green { Avo Fresh $50 Giveaway }

As I huge avocado lover I was very keen to give the " AvoFresh challenge - 5 Lunches , 5 Ways " go. 

When it comes to school lunches, parents pack lunches on average 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year …  you do the maths - that is a lot of lunches ! Then we have to think about our own lunch and the spouse's too.

The challenge is often packing a lunch that doesn’t have contents that boomerang back to the kitchen in the afternoon or me finding something 50 shades of green* in the bottom of the school bag or hidden weeks later.

I am slowly converting my tribe to eat it more willingly- they do in some things, not so in others - unless it's hidden.

Avocados are a  nutritious, delicious and versatile FRUIT - yes - I only learned this recently. The boys still think I'm tricking them.

AvoFresh is a story of three Queensland farming families got together to make fresh avocados more convenient.

They combined Australia's largest avocado groves with modern fruit packing techniques to bring you their AvoFresh range of plain, seasoned and spicy avocado products.

They guarantee you'll love the fresh avocado taste with the goodness of two avocados in every pack.

I love that they have removed the skin and seed for me.

The winning feature for me is that the leftover avocado doesn't go brown or end up dead in the bottom of the fridge and that I always have ripe avocado on hand.

We tried both the original and seasoned [light with fresh coriander and spices] but not the spicy [they have added fresh chillies(2%) and coriander(2%) and some spices(2%) I'd like it but not the boys]. 

It tastes like real avocado especially the chunky avo in the tub. I preferred the chunky tub compared to the tubes - as the 'Soft' tube had a too soft texture for me. In a salad I'd only use real sliced and diced avocado.

Lunch 1 - [We actually tested it as dinner here and then they some for lunch]

I squeezed and spread a bit inside our nori rolls & sushi as the kids don't like wasabi - it was my first attempt at rolling them - so no laughing ! I also used real avocado in mine.

Lunch 2. 
Spread or squeeze inside of pita pockets instead of butter, filled with cheese and lettuce quick so they don't know it's good for them. [It was too dark inside the pocket : ) to get a pic ].

Lunch 3.
Fresh on a salad roll

Ok - this was my lunch - they had a Tortilla wrap with Avo fresh as a spread , diced ham ,cheese/a little salad.
Lunch 4.
 ...Chicken Schnitzel , rocket and avocado -  using the chunky avo fresh. [There is a firm avo fresh for slicing too but it wasn't available where I shopped]

This image is one I prepared last year
Lunch 5.
I mixed Avo fresh through left over pasta with chopped tomato, pesto and grated cheese - [Didn't get a picture of this either - they had to leave to catch the bus at 7.50am ].

As a super quick lunch for me too - the slightly seasoned soft avo fresh , with pesto - made a light, fresh creamy sauce for pasta in under 2 mins (after cooking or reheating the pasta)

I used the chunky avo fresh as an on the go snack - I took it to a play date at the zoo- for dipping celery, cucumber ,carrot sticks and rice crackers into. It tasted better and is healthier than a packaged dip.

Personally, my favourite is to spread it on toast for a quick breakfast or lunch.

It's good value considering it contains 2 avocados and there is no waste. It means I always have some avocado at the ready when others aren't ripe enough too. Avo fresh only add a little lemon juice so it's keeps fresh for four weeks sealed and up to five days from first use.

Got any other questions ? check the Avo fresh website for  FAQ's
Need more recipes and ideas ?

~ Giveaway ~ 
$50 Woolworths Giftcard thanks to AvoFresh

Tell me in 50 words or less - 
what is your best or worse lunchbox memory ?

 This is a game of skill. Each valid entry will be judged based on creativity and originality.

Terms and Conditions: 
1. Only Australian Residents are eligible to enter. 
2. Entries not answering the question in 50 words or less will be deemed invalid. The winner will be chosen by originality and creative merit, not by chance. 
3.There is one prize -  $50 Woolworths Gift Card
Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
4. Entries - Open 8/11/2012 - Closes 11.59pm  24/11/2012 AEST. The winner(s) will be notified by email, and posted to - the winner has 5 days to respond or prize will be redrawn.
5. Prize is not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash. 
6. Prize sent out by PR firm directly will not be replaced in the event that it is stolen, lost or damaged in transit.
7. Additional entries if you share on FB or twitter but you must leave a second valid entry answering the question in 50 words or less. Also, please leave how you shared in the comment.

Disclaimer: I received a gift card to purpose Avo Fresh and for review purposes -  All opinions expressed are my own
These lunches were not consumed in 1 week - my kids are not that versatile and I'm not that organised - they have to catch the bus too early.
*  discovering live maggots in a roll left hidden by a child - true story !!

Winner : Michelle Young -